Marina Green SF Fleetweek 2009

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It may not be common knowledge, but Marina Green is the center of San Francisco Fleet Week air show activities. Being in the city, there are no static displays like an air show at an airport would have. However, there are still many food, display, and activity booths for showgoers to enjoy.
- Bernard Zee

Clean and shiny SFPD Harley bikes.

Having good food sure helps the day pass easier!

Vendor with wooden models of the space shuttle and planes.

Patches, hats, and toys.

People were there early to stake out a spot on the grass.

Or you could spring for a seat in the paid area for a better view.

The Marines always bring out the coolest toys! Here's a young lady posing with a Marine and a M240 machine gun.

There were some aircraft cockpits from the USS Hornet Museum there that people could climb into.

A cool San Francisco Fire Dept Command vehicle.

A couple of Smart cars for people to check out. Might be the perfect size for city driving... but not for me!

A Marine and his armored Humvee.

They happily answered all questions and let the kids (and adults) pose with their equipment.

KSFO had a banner where people would write their thoughts to the Blues and military in general.

The friendly KSFO Eagle was there. Sorry, didn't catch his name.

Sighting thru the scope of the 0.50 cal Barrett.

San Francisco police were there to help keep the peace.

Love the Blue Angel! :-)

This is a view of the box seating area.

Quite full for the Saturday show.

You could get Hot dog and drinks there!

There were even servers to help you with your orders.

A different view of the Marina Green.

The inflatable slides were popular for family with little kids.

Navy Cadets were there to help out.

There's the more exclusive Flight Deck Club.

All the movers and shakers are there.

The Flight Deck had chairs AND tables. Food & drink too!

The Navy Cadets being inspected (presumeably).

Eating is always a big part of any such event.

The place starts filling up real good as it gets closer to the main acts.

The Marina Green area seen from afar.

If you're around aquatic park, there were some food stands close by as well. Hmmm...hungry just thinking about it!

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