Patriots at SF Fleetweek 2009

Photo Gallery

The Patriot Jet Team is sponsored by Fry's electronics and Hot Point construction. Fry's is of course, the electronics giant that every engineer (and geek) in the silicon valley both love and hate! There's no denying though, that the Patriots put on an awesome show.
- Bernard Zee

The Patriots open with a nice and tight diamond pass in front of Alcatraz.

Going from right to left, they pass over the Marina Green area.

The solos do a series of head to head crosses.

With some passes coming fairly close to the audience.

He's pretty low here... too bad he can't go transonic! :-)

The 4 ships form up again, and pass in front of Alcatraz.

Here you see the fog starting to roll in over the hills...

A heads on view of the 4 L-39s as they put out the red, white and blue smoke.

Parts of the sky are still blue... must be Saturday!


Against the overcast skies, the red white and blue smoke in their opening pass look like pastel paintings as they start the show.

Here they are in a Coit tower shot.

With the iconic Transamerica building, there's no doubt the Patriots are in San Francisco!

Their final pass, against a featureless sky.

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