People at SF Fleetweek 2009

Photo Gallery

Almost as much fun as watching the Blues, is people watching!
- Bernard Zee

Municipal pier is where the air show coordination takes place.

Relaxing before the start of the show.

Airshow network organizers.

Blues #7 Narrator, and #8 Events Coordinator.

LT Ben Walborn getting the crowd pumped up for the Fat Albert show.

SFPD posing for a picture.

Huddling from the cold during the Parade of Ships.

Catching the show from the Yacht club penninsula.

Stretching out at the Marina Green.

Socializing at the Flight deck club area.

Young cadets helping out.

Having a party at the Fort Mason field.

Show Announcer for the T-33 Acemaker.

Communicating with Julie Clark.

The Air Boss for the show.

If the sun is out, they will use a mirror to help the pilots orient themselves.

If overcast, they'll use a spotlight instead.

Crew of the Cuttyhunk tossing a line to shore.

Friends and family aboard.

Waiting to cast off the lines.

Here are a couple of NASA interns dressed as Astronauts at the Fort Mason area.

USS Hornet Museum brought out some displays where you could climb in and pretend to be pilots!

You could also try your hand at controlling a robot vehicle.

I liked the tracked ones the best!

Photographers and crowds lined the hill overlooking Gashouse Cove.

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