BZ's San Francisco Fleet Week 2009 Photo Gallery


It's always a treat to watch the San Francisco Fleet Week. One of the most beautiful settings for an air show, the unpredictable weather can nevertheless throw a monkey wrench in the best laid of the plans. Such was the case Saturday, when the Blue Angels had to cancel their routine 3 minutes into the show due to fog. The weather Sunday was even worse looking, but the Blues put on their low show to the surprise of many, who expected them to cancel again. I did get some nice shots of them during their beautiful Friday practice, a few from the abbreviated Saturday show, and some truly memorable ones Sunday!

I was priviledged to have been invited aboard the Tern for the Sunday show. Being on the Alcatraz side of the flight box, I got some wonderful angles showing the City in the background (which I've never gotten before). Naturally, quite excited about those! Of course, Fleetweek is not just about the air show... I tried to provide some balanced coverage (Ha!) of the other going ons, like the Parade of Ships (from Saturday), the sights around the bay, and the various activities in and around Marina Green.

Nikon D300 w/ 70-300mm VR lens, D200 w/ 18-105mm VR lens - Bernard Zee

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Fat Albert
Blue Angels
Marina Green
People Shots
Parade of Ships
Bay Boats
T33 Acemaker
Super Sized Things
Aboard the Tern

Special thanks to the Airshow Network, and the USCG Tern crew for allowing me the opportunity to get these great shots!

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