Super Sized things at SF Fleetweek 2009

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This section started out for the large planes and airship that flew at Fleet Week. I ended up adding the couple of F-16s, though they don't really fit the description!
- Bernard Zee

Commonly referred to as a Zeppelin, the airship 'Eureka' makes an appearance at Fleetweek to show off its maneuverability.
For the Saturday show, it hovered in place, then rocked side to side, pitched up and down, then slowly spun around. For Sunday, it was only allowed to do a fly by. :-(

A closer look at the airship Eureka, as it passes overhead.
I had a chance to ride along with the Eureka on Thursday before the show. That write up can be seen at: Zeppelin Eureka Page

A couple of California Air National Guard F-16s do a flyby early in the show.

Got a nice view of them Sunday as they made their turn over the water.

The United Airlines Boeing 747 is a common sight over many of the airports...

Not so common buzzing San Francisco Bay though!

Here's the 747 in a clean configuration.

Another flying giant at Fleet Week was the C-17 Globemaster.

One of the new breed of transports, this C-17 is flown out of Travis AFB.

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