Aboard the Tern, SF Fleetweek 2009

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I was fortunate enough to be invited on the Tern for Fleet Week on Sunday. The weather around San Francisco can be unpredictable, and though I tried to dress warm, the jacket just wasn't heavy enough! :-)

These are some shots of the Tern, Guest, and Crew for that day. As usual, it was an honor and pleasure to be out there with them!
- Bernard Zee

USCGC Tern and her sister ship Narwhal tied up at Yerba Buena Island. The day started out overcast and dreary, and it didn't change much!

The Marine Protector class vessels all have a boat bay which can deploy and recover a RHB on the move.

I really liked this shot! Somewhat artistic, no?

Members of the Tern crew prepare to greet guest.

He may look familar, as he's the old Skipper of the Tern!

Who gets a warm greeting about his old boat!

LTJG Holland is the current captain of the Tern.

The safety briefing.

Getting ready to cast off.

A bit cold as we're about the go under the Bay Bridge.

No problem when properly bundled up though!

Showing how deep the water is.

View of the bridge.

Yeah, that hamburger and sausage on the grill smells great!

Looking out through a porthole.

We get buzzed a couple of time by a Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter.

It's pretty cool to have it fly so close!

Cute Princess.

The smart ones wore earplugs. Me? I wasn't so smart!

Group shot!

Radar display showing the flight safety zone on Sunday. They did a pretty darn good job keeping boats out!

A Sheriff's boat pulled alongside for a hand-off.

Getting ready to toss the rope.

All too soon, it's time to go...

Thanks again to the Tern crew for being such great hosts!

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