BZ's Beale AFB Medivac

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On a 2 lane road leading to the North entrance of Beale AFB, a multi-vehicle chain accident occurred around 9:00am Saturday April 18th, 2009. This accident happened where the road passed the end of the runway. Apparently the drivers were distracted by a low flying aircraft, and didn't pay enough attention to the vehicles ahead.

Traffic on the road was at a standstill for 50 minutes while the first responders cleared the scene. At least 4 people were transported by ambulance to the hospital, while 1 was evacuated by helicopter from Beale AFB.

The helicopter pilot had to thread his way between telephone poles and wires on both sides, to land on the narrow 2 lane road with no shoulder. My hats off to the helicopter crew as well as the all the other emergency personel who put their lives on the line in order to help others. - Bernard Zee

Agusta Spa A109A, N53RX from Reach Air Medical Services, flew out of Beale AFB.

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