BZ's 2009 Chino A10 & Heritage Flight

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The 2009 Chino Air show also featured an A-10 Warthog demonstration flight and a Heritage flight. The Heritage flight mixes the old and the new flying in formation. This time, it was a pair of P-51 Mustangs, a P-38 Lightning, and the A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka Warthog).

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens. Shot in shutter priority.
- Bernard Zee

Flying a knife edge pass like this is always tricky since the wings aren't providing any lift! Well, something has to be holding it up in the air...
Click play below to hear the A-10's openning move!

The A-10 does a nice slow pass with flaps and gear extended. Everyone should have a good shot of's like shooting fish in a barrel!

Still, I like it a lot. Makes an interesting picture when all the complicated bits are showing.

The A-10 makes a few attack runs. Here a bit of moisture is squeezed out of the hot dry Chino air (at the wingtips) as he starts to pull up. Also at the bottom of each high speed dive, he seemed to bobble or porpoise a bit as he starts to pull up. Looks a little disconcerting.

I oftentimes wish it was more humid at these shows, as vapor action adds a lot of spice to things. Only a tiny hint of vapor here...better than nothing I suppose!

Twin Mustangs take off in formation.

Along with a P-38, the Mustangs join up with the A-10 for the Heritage flight.

An aggressive head on view of the flight.

Surprisingly hard to get good framing with the formation flight. I find that a little overlap of the planes is a lot more interesting than if they don't overlap at all.

Here's the A-10 and P-38 after the 'stangs have split.

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