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Flying at the show were a pair of B-25 Mitchell bombers, the "Pacific Princess", and "Photo Fanny". For some reason, the nose art is only on one side of the plane, so it's hard to tell these 2 apart!
Nikon D200 w/ 70-300mm VR lens. Shutter priority, ISO 100. - Bernard Zee

I believe this is a shot of the 'Pacific Princess' B-25. Perhaps best known for the Doolittle Tokyo raid, the B-25 helped to boost the U.S. morale by impossibly striking at the heart of Japan soon after Pear Harbor.
Click on the play below to hear the B-25's pass!

The B-25 Mitchell was the most widely produced twin engined combat aircraft with about 10,000 built.

Pacific Princess has 2 0.50 cal machine guns in the nose, 4 in forward facing bilsters, 2 in top turret, 2 in waist positions, and 2 in the tail position for a total of 12! It could also carry 4,000 lbs of bombs.

B-25s were used effectively as tactical bombers, low level strafing, skip bombing, and anti-shipping attacks. They served in every theater of the war.

This B-25 is 'Photo Fanny'. It was used in the filming of the movie Pearl Harbor, and flew off the carrier USS Constellation (though painted a different color then). Photo Fanny starred in many films and commercials, both in-front and behind the camera. Modifications allow it to easily mount cameras and monitors to make it the perfect aerial camera platform.

Both Pacific Princess and Photo Fanny have some interesting nose art (on the other side!). See the nose art section for a closer look.

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