BZ's 2009 Chino C-17

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A C-17 Globemaster III transport was at the Chino show both as a static display and a flight demonstration. I found this highly unusual, as planes slated to fly in the air are very seldom open to the crowd as static displays. At Chino though, the same C-17 did both!
Nikon D200 w/ 70-300mm VR lens, Nikon D50 w/ 18-105mm VR lens. - Bernard Zee

The crowds loved to use the huge C-17 cargo area as a shelter from the hot sun!

Under the wings too, were some prime real estate for air show goers.

Through most of the day, the crowds were free to explore the C-17 unhindered.

Towards the end of the day though, they had to clear out, because the plane was doing a flight demo!

The C-17 did a short roll and takeoff, in I believe less than a thousand feet of runway.

It banked and turned, and showed off its good side...

Did a slow pass with the flaps and gear down.

Ending the show with a short landing (less than a thousand feet), followed by reversing on thursters. Cool ending to a great show!

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