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Here are the rest of the planes and acts which were not placed in their own category. It's a real mix of planes, from the Wingwalking Stearman to the awesome Sea Fury demo.

Shot with a Nikon D200 and 70-300mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

Don't know too much about this group of planes, other than they took off in formation prior to the start of the show.

Silver Wings Wingwalking act uses a Stearman biplane.

That's Hartley Folstad as the pilot, and Margaret Stivers as the Wingwalker. That's pretty hardcore to be climbing on the outside of a plane, out in the elements (without eye protection!) going over 100mph!

This is Rob Harrison's Tumbling Bear act.

Rob uses a Czech built Zlin 50 LX. The plane uses a modified Lycoming AE10 engine, putting out over 325 horsepower.

Here's Rob making his own cloud of smoke.

During a break in action (well, should have been the ground re-enactment, which was scrubbed), a small helicopter over flew the crowd and took pictures. Looks like fun!

A T-6 Texan makes a few lesuirely passes.

In the past the T-6 has been made up to resemble Japanese Zeroes for movies and shows. It's easy to see why in this shot.

Here's the T-6 coming in for a landing.

This is the Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber.

The Dauntless' claim to fame came during the Battle of Midway. They sank or fatally damaged all 4 of the Japanese carriers, 3 of them in the span of 6 minutes. While the Japanese carriers were at the most vulnerable (aircraft loaded with bombs and fuel on deck), and the Japanese fighter escort down low ravaging the poor defenseless Devastator torpedo bombers, the flight of Dautless dive bombers came in unopposed and savaged the Japanese carriers. Such is the whims of war.
Click play to hear the Dauntless as it makes a pass.

The Sea Fury 'Argonaut' put on an impressive show, first with low and fast flybys - later with a powerful aerobatic display.

3 Tigercats in the air at the same time! Of course, that's all remains flying of that type...and they were all together at Chino!

This is the famous 'gaggle of warbirds', where they send up practically anything that can fly! They put up 29 planes here.

A Fairey Firefly in a close pass.
Here's what he sounds like on takeoff.

Here's the Sea Fury taking off for his aerobatic routine. Tricky getting a picture with all those parked planes blocking the view of the runway! Looks cool when one comes out though.

Nice! That's the Sea Fury with the smoke generator on the wingtips.

The 'Argonaut' makes some really impressive high speed passes. Here he is with a Tigercat in the foreground.
Here are the sounds of the Sea Fury's speedy pass.

The P-38 is warming up while the Sea Fury makes his high speed, low altitude pass.

Here's the Fairey Firefly taxiing.

Oh man, I could have picked up a Hawaii shirt with airplane motif! The boxer shorts are pretty funny too.

At the end of the day, they played the National Anthem again. However, only a few people were paying attention. This elderly veteran certainly was!

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