BZ's 2009 Chino Yaks

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Flying at Chino were a couple of Yaks. Built for air racing in the Unlimited class, Steadfast is based on a Yakovlev 3U fighter used in WWII, but fitted with a radial engine. The Yak-11 'Blyak Moose' was another Yak there which is also based on the Yak-3.
- Bernard Zee

Yak-11 'Blyak Moose' takes off. Based on the Yak-3, the Yak-11 uses a radial engine instead of a liquid cooled inline. The Yak-11 became the Soviet's most widely used trainer.

Looking very much like the Yak-11, 'Steadfast' is built as a Yak-3U, using a Pratt & Whitnety R-2000 engine.

The wide landing gear on the Yak makes ground handling easy.

Meant for Unlimited class air races, 'Steadfast' light weight allows nimble handling and speeds up to 455 mph.

An attractive view of the Yak, reminiscent of the Reno air races, rounding a pylon.

It's a rarity to see the Yaks performing at air shows, so it was a treat to see not one, but 2 there!

The Yak3 (from which these planes were based upon) were agile dogfighters and performed well against the Germans. Funny thing I noticed was that the Soviet 'kills' were marked with a red star instead of the enemy's symbol. So if they shot down a commrade's plane, they'd still get a red star!

Last shot of 'Steadfast' taxiing.

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