BZ Chino 2010 - F-16 Demo

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It was awesome to see Viper West Demonstration Team flying the F-16 at the Chino show. After a whole day of piston engines, it was a nice change of pace to hear something with an afterburner!
- Bernard Zee

Major David Graham was the pilot for the Viper West F-16 Demonstration Team based at Hill AFB, in Utah.

The F-16 takes off going the other way.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is unofficially called the Viper.

Here's the Viper West narrator, along with the Viper West eye candy.

Generating some vapors on a high speed pullup.

Oh yeah, the F-16 CAN get quite loud!

The routine makes use of a lot of afterburner!

Making some pretty vapors pulling straight up.

Really awesome high speed pass here!

Hard to find a bad angle for the Viper. Looks good every which way!

Making a high G turn with burners on.

Maj Graham flies an energetic and exciting routine.

The F-16 demo flies so fast and high it uses up a lot of the sky!

Quite helpful to have a big zoom, as the plane can be quite far out at times.

Pulling up towards the sun.

The F-16 joins up with a pair of P-38s and a P-51 for the Heritage Flight.

The Heritage flight makes 3 passes.

Left to right, right to left, and from behind.

The Heritage Flight has become a very popular act, and a powerful visual reminder of the past and present U.S. Airforce.

A P-38 doing a roll after the Heritage formation breaks up.

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