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Chino had a segment which showed off the planes used in the Korean air war. Flying were a T-6, T-33s, F-86, and a Mig-15.
- Bernard Zee

Greg 'Wired' Colyers flies the T-33 Shooting Star 'Acemaker', and always put on a great show!

Also there was this 'Pacemaker' T-33, which I've seen used as the lead plane at the Reno air races.

At first I was a little confused about the inclusion of the T-6 in the Korean Air War segment. But it's true! T-6 Texans were pressed into service as Forward Air Control aircraft in Korea, and designated as T-6 'Mosquitos'.

The Shooting Star played the role of ground attack in the show scenario, guided by the T-6 FAC.

A Mig-15 shows up to spoil the party, and the call for help goes out.

Here's the T-6 FAC, which of course had no chance against a Mig-15.

The Shooting Star, while fast, was still outclassed by the Mig.

Help came in the form of the F-86 Sabre!

When the Mig-15s were introduced into the Korean war, it outclassed everything in the skies and was a rude shock to the Americans. B-29 bombers were very vulnerable to the Migs, and losses were so heavy they switched to night missions.

The Mig was small and agile, and had a great rate of climb. The F-86 on the other hand, could outdive the Mig, and was a better gun platform.

The F-86 vs Mig-15 set up the classic dogfight duel, where the pilots' skills really determined the outcome.

It wasn't until fairly recently that it was acknowledged that Russian pilots flew many of the Migs which fought in the Korean war.
Seems to be quite some controversy over the exact kill ratios of F-86 to Mig-15s. Figures range betwen 1.8:1 to 10:1. In general though, it is believed that the better combat training given to the U.S. pilots accounted for their better performance.

Very amazing how close the F-86 and Mig-15 were flying at Chino.

Lots of fantastic formation shots like this one - one of my favs!

The F-86 was the first U.S. jet fighter to incorporate swept wings. Here, the automatic leading wing slats can be seen deployed during a turn. Owes alot in the design to German research from the ME-262.

A closeup of Greg and his T-33 after he landed.

The Mig-15 and F-86 were very evenly matched, and their fights became legendary.

The F-86 Sabre symbolized American air power during the Korean war.

The Mig-15 likewise, achieved fame due to its superior performance in Korea.

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