BZ Chino 2010 - Misc Acts

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This section includes some misc acts shown at Chino, including: liver Wings Wing Walking, Rob Harrison 'The Tumbling Bear', the Northrop N-9M Flying Wing, and Clay Lacy's Learjet Aerobatic demonstration.
- Bernard Zee

The crowd takes their hats off for the National Anthem.

Hartley Folstad is the pilot of the 450 Stearman, with Margi Stivers as the wing walker.

Rob Harrison waits to take off as the Silver Wings Wing Walking act makes a pass.

Here's Rob Harrison in his Zlin 50LX.

The 'Tumbling Bear' puts on a nice show with his smoke on.

Like that cute bear print on the left wing.

Spewing out a smoke cloud, the Tumbling Bear makes a donut while on the ground.
The Northrop N-9M Flying Wing takes off!

The N-9M is a 1/3rd scale aircraft used in the development of the Northrop XB-35 bomber program. The N-9M first flew in 1942. The early flying wing programs though full of promise, never did catch on due to unresolved technical challenges. The inherent stealthiness of the design though, did ultimately manifest itself as the B-2 stealth bomber!

This N-9M flying wing is the only one of its kind left.

The Planes of Fame Museum acquired it in 1982, and took almost 20 years to restore it to flying condition! In 2006 though, the Flying Wing suffered an engine fire in flight, but was able to land safely.

This Chino show marked the first time the fully repaired N-9M started flying at public exhibitions again!
Click play below to hear the N-9M Flying Wing!

The Flying Wing is a unique piece of aviation history, and it was amazing to see it flying once more!

A couple of the warplane pilots between flights.

Clay Lacy flies the Learjet aerobatic demonstration.

Widely known as a wonderful excecutive business jet, the Learjet is also used by the U.S.military as the C-21.
Click play below to hear the sounds of the learjet.

Clay Lacy flew a really nice routine, with some low passes with smoke.

A nice change of pace, and a great looking routine!

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