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One of the segments at the Chino Planes of Fame airshow featured Navy Warbird flybys. Planes in this category include F4U Corsairs, SBD Dauntless, A6M Zero, TBM Avenger, F6F Hellcats, F8F Bearcat, AD Skyraider, and Fairey Firefly!
- Bernard Zee

Always excited to see an F4U Corsair in action! Ever since the TV series Black Sheep Squadron, I've been hooked!

The Planes of Fame A6M Zero has the distinction of being the only flying example with the original Nakajima Sakake engine.

The SBD Dauntless was a dive bomber which first saw action at Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, arriving planes ran into the Japanese strike force with 7 out of 18 planes being shot down. A few days later though (Dec 10, 1941), Dauntless dive bombers from the Enterprise sank the Japanese submarine I-70 not too far from Hawaii.

The TBM Avenger was a torpedo bomber which first saw action during the Battle of Midway. Used throughout the war, Avengers were particularly successful sinking enemy submarines (while they were on the surface).

Here's a AD Skyraider and T-28 Trojan taking off side by side.

F6F Hellcats carried the brunt of the U.S. Navy fighting during WWII.
Here's the sounds of it taking off!

It was a tremendously successful design, destroying 5271 enemy aircraft.

Even though it was faster than the Zero at all altitudes, it could not out-climb, or out turn it. American pilots were instructed not to dog fight with their enemy. They had to use hit and run tactics.

Introduced too late to see action in WWII, the F8F Bearcat was fast and maneuverable.
Click play below to hear the sound of it taking off!

The F4U Corsair though, has got to be one of the most unique looking high performance fighters of WWII.
Hear the sound of it taking off!

The Corsair became the most capable carrier based fighter bomber of WWII, and continued the ground attack role into the Korean War.

No other plane symbolizes Japanese air power like the Mitsubishi A6M Zero. Practically every Japanese fighter plane was called a Zero - regardless of if it was or not!
Here's what the Nakajima Sakake engine sounds like.

Close up shot of the CAF Minsi III Helcat.

Dauntless dive bombers are perhaps best known for their role during the Battle of Midway, when they sank 4 Japanese carriers (3 of them in just 6 minutes), and heavily damaged 2 cruisers.

The Dauntless was not only an effective bomber, sinking more enemy shipping than any other Allied aircraft, it had a favorable win-loss record against enemy aircraft as well!

President George H.W. Bush flew a TBM Avenger during WWII, and was the youngest naval aviator at the time. While flying from the USS San Jacinto, Bush was shot down over the Pacific Island of Chichi Jima in 1944, and received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions that day. This Avenger is painted the same as that plane flown by George Bush; it even has LTJG George Bush painted on the side!
Here are the deep mellow sounds of the TBM.

Another nice close shot of the Hellcat as it makes its turn.

The AD Skyraider is one huge single engined attack aircraft! Introduced too late to see action in WWII, Skyraiders were used heavily in the strike role in the Korean war. During the Vietnam war, Skyraiders were still used in the medium strike role, and more famously as 'Sandy' close air support during helicopter rescue missions.
Here's the sounds of the Skyraider pass!

The Corsair looks fast from this angle!

A wonderful treat to see these Hellcats flying in close formation.

Another pass by the Dauntless.

Haven't seen the Skyraider flying very often, so I was happy to be able to catch it in various poses! The Skyraider nicknames include 'Flying Dumptruck'. It's no wonder, since it has the ability to carry 8000lbs of bombs and rockets on 15 external hardpoints!

Couldn't ask for a nicer formation shot!
Got a sound clip of them below.

Quite a treat to the Avenger in the air.

A pair of Corsairs team up to fly formation.

Skyraider with the T-28 Trojan close alongside.

Love them Hellcats!

The Avenger had a crew of 3: Pilot, turret gunner, and radioman/bombardier.

In formation are a T-28 Trojan, AD Skyraider, and Fairey Firefly.

Sideview of the Hellcat.

Another view of the Dauntless.

Almost head-on view of the AVenger.

AD (later renamed A-1) Skyraider landing.

Nice view of the Avenger landing, with the Dauntless in the back (also landing).

One of the Corsair landing.

Skyraider with rockets and external fuel tanks flying overhead.

A rare Dauntless/Zero formation!

Wow!! Corsair generating vapor off the wingtips on a high speed pullup!

Wonderful thing about Chino is all the formation flying that they do. Here's the Bearcat with the Hellcat.

TBM Avenger, and A6M Zero as they make the turn to pass in front of the crowd line.

Skyraider and Trojan. Both came online after WWII.

The Corsair pair passing in formation.

Another shot of the pair.

The Fairey Firefly was used by the England where they flew off of carriers and performed anti-shipping strikes, anti-submarine, and attack missions. Fireflys also carried out strike missions during the Korean war. It was heavily armed, and carried 4 x 20mm cannons in addition to 2000lbs of bombs and rockets.
Here's its somewhat distinctive tones!

Here's a closer view of the CAF F8F Bearcat, and sounds from its high speed pass.

The Dauntless back on the ground.

Bearcat taxiing.

The Corsair with its inverted gull wings, and huge 13 ft propeller.

This Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar made an appearance, but I don't think it was a planned part of the show.

The Lodestar was used by the U.S. military during WWII, but no where near the numbers of the more popular DC-3 and its variants.

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