BZ Chino 2010 - Noseart

Photo Gallery

Here's a sampling of the various artwork on the airplanes at Chino. It would be a huge number of pics if I posted one of each plane, so I'll just stick with a few standouts which I liked.
- Bernard Zee

'Fuddy Duddy' is a B-17 bomber.

'Pacific Princess' painted on a B-25.

Anyone remember Top Gun? Talk to me Goose!

Coat of arms on the FW-190.

The artwork on the P-51 'Pistolera'.

P-40 Sharkmouth.

Looks like a pokeman on the T-28 (I know, it can't be!).

'23 Skidoo' P-38.

Technically not artwork, but art nevertheless?

A Lockeed Lodestar taxis by with Mickey Mouse on the nose. I'm a bit perplexed by the caption, but I thought the picture overall was good.

'Super Snooper' Snoopy artwork.

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