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Hoped to see a big showing of re-enactors (like the first year I went), but was not to be this year. Apparently, most of them were at a big battle somewhere in Northern California. So, few Germans, no lunch-time battle... Still, there were quite a few pieces of equipment and a decent number of people in period costumes to chat and interact with.
- Bernard Zee

Most of the WWII reenactors were staged on a grassy field on the far right of the show. Here's an American anti-aircraft gun. Later on, they let kids get on to operate the traverse and elevation tracking the planes in flight. Too much fun!

This Sherman tank was the natural star of the show.

Front view of the Sherman.

Beside the Sherman was a much smaller Stuart M5 light tank.

Another shot of the Stuart from an elevated view.

On board the Sherman, kids and adults alike got to ask questions and get a feel for the tank.

Here's a shot of the cramped inside of the Sherman turret.

Nearby, remote control tanks were being demonstrated.

The remote control tank guys were happy to show off their toys!

One of the reenactors enjoying the air show.

Some German nurses were there too.

A German scout motorcycle with sidecar and machinegun. I wonder if CHP ever pulled them over...:-)

Some U.S. guys. That tag on the back may be the Flying Tigers.

Russian troops were having some fun.

She's looking a bit serious!

German MG-42 machinegun.

Airborne troops by the 'D-Day Doll'.

They did move the tank and fire off a few rounds on sunday (not Sat though)! Here's a smoke ring after a shot.

Was able to rush over and get in position for their last shot! I believe the gun is propane powered. Still made a loud boom!

Was happy to be able to get some tank action shots. Here's the M4 Sherman tank backing up.

Here he is being directed forward (Please don't run me over!).

No big battle, but better than nothing! :-)

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