BZ Chino 2010 - Reno Racers

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Many of the planes flown at the Reno air races are stock or modified WWII fighters. This is especially true in the unlimited class, where Mustangs, Bearcats, and Sea Furies dominate. Chino air show had a segment which showcased the Reno racers, and they put on sort of a simulated race for the fans.
- Bernard Zee

Taking off is 'Dreadnought', a WWII vintage Hawker Sea Fury.

This Yak-3 is a another WWII fighter plane which participates in the Reno air races.

Dreadnought and Strega flying close together.

The Reno race demo kept true to form, and flew a counter-clockwise track.

Strega is a highly modified P-51, with a long winning record. Flown this year by Steve Hinton Jr.

A Bearcat and another Sea Fury making their turn.

The races are most interesting when the planes are bunched up close.

Pretty exciting when they zip by at over 400mph!

The SeaFury is a pretty big fighter for its time.

Coming by pretty low.

Since this is an exhibition, they're not pushing their planes as hard as if it was a real race.

Strega has got to be the sleakest looking of the bunch. Can hardly tell it's a P-51.

Argonaut however, still retain its stock SeaFury looks.

The Yak-3 stands out in this field as something different.

Argonaut coming in for a landing.

Argonaut is set up a bit different than the other planes, in that it has smoke dispensors on the wingtips. He'll be playing a cool solo aerobatic routine afterwards.

A close up look at the Bearcat as it taxiis by.

The Yak-3 on the ground.

Strega about to shut down.

Argonaut takes to the air again for the solo demonstration.

Running with smoke on, the SeaFury traces beautiful patterns in the sky.

He makes some nice high speed passes low down and close to the crowd too!

The trailing lines of smoke twists and twirl in the wake turbulence to create beautiful designs.

They'll oftentimes pinch off and close ends into these smoke rings. Really cool to see.

That's Brian Sanders in his Hawker Sea Fury Argonaut!

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