BZ Chino 2010 - Taxiing planes

Photo Gallery

In between the static displays and the flying shots, are the planes idling and taxiing on the hotramp. Since they could look pretty good even on the ground, I decided to have this section just for that!
- Bernard Zee

Not too many pictures of the A-36 Apache out there. Not to be confused with the more popular P-51 Mustang, this one was freshly restored to flying condition by the Planes of Fame Museum - just in time for the show!

Here's Wee Willy II, and fellow P-51 Mustangs raring to go!

Need to shoot at fairly slow shutter (1/60 sec or slower) in order to maximize blur the propellers.

Of course, the slower the shot, the more chance for camera shake or subject motion blur.

A head on view of an early model P-51A Mustang 'Mrs. Virginia'.

'Buzzin Cruzzin' with its checkerboard nose job.

An F4U Corsair.

The Spitfire on the ground.

Skyraider coming through!

I guess they call him 'Skyraider Bob'!


The Corsair folding its wings.

The other Corsair rolling by.

TBM Avenger, painted as President George H.W. Bush's plane, who flew as an Avenger pilot in WWII when he was younger.

Closeup of a Hellcat.

More Corsair goodness. Hang Loose!

A pair of B-25s.

Start up of 'Pacific Princess'.

P-38 going by.

The Horsemen demo team, with a B-25 in the foreground.

The Dauntless after landing.

P-51C 'Princess Elizabeth', and a P-40 Warhawk.

P-51 'February'.

Another shot of 'Princess Elizabeth'.

A Lockheed L-18 Lodestar.

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