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These are the shots from the 2008 San Francisco Fleet Week air show, featuring various top notch aerobatic performers. San Francisco Bay is a much bigger stage (showbox wise) than smaller airshows based out of municipal airports. Show center for most of these acts was the Marina Green. Those further away at Aquatic park, or Pier 39 only got to catch portions of the act as the performers flew by Alcatraz.

Most of these shots are from the Saturday and Sunday show.

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens. Prop planes shot in shutter priority exposure mode (mostly between 1/160 and 1/320sec), with continuous autofocus.
- Bernard Zee

The Collaborators as seen from the USCG Tern.

Michael Wiskus with the Lucas Oil Pitts does a pass in front of Alcatraz.

Michael sure did put on a wonderful show, with lots of memorable photo ops, like this one!

He does this really low sideways pass with smoke that's just breathtaking.

John Piggott flies the Sukhoi SU-29. If I remember correctly, John and the F-16 Viper West pilot are father and son!

Sean Tucker and the Oracle Challenger II!

Some boaters are treated to some nice close passes.

That red plane sure pops against the blue and green background. I think that's Sausalito back there.

Another look at the Oracle Challenger.

He's making the occasional Alcatraz pass.

Melissa Andrzejewski flies the Edge 540. Melissa is a very impressive (and attractive) young lady! Puts on a great show too.

The Collaborators led by Sean Tucker fly a very interesting 4 plane routine. Besides Sean, there is Eric Tucker, Ben Freelove, and Bill Stein.

A closer shot of the Oracle Challenger

A slight breeze is helpful to clear the smoke for the next pass.

The Collaborators doing a loop.

Downward portion of the loop.

The mandatory Bridge shot.

Some more shots of Michael Wiskus with the Lucas Oil Pitts from Sunday's show.

Got to be a lot closer in the boat!

Thrilled to get great action shots like these!

Here's Micheal flying past the Show Center ship. Looks like the different Coast Guard vessels take turns being tied to the marker bouey.

Another great shot with Alcatraz!

Flying really low to the waves going a bit sideways.

Sounds great too as he buzzes by.

This is Tim Weber in the Geico Extra 300S

John Piggott in the Sukhoi SU-29

Jaw dropping moves!

Sean Tucker doing his magic in the sky.

Here's Sean doing a low, sideways pass close to the USCG Sockeye.

A parting shot of the Collaborators.

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