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These are some of the vessels and boats I saw at the 2008 San Francisco Fleet Week air show. There were a huge variety of watercraft out - from the 2 person raft to the Princess cruise ship. The big rush of course, is right before and right after the Blues performance. Most numerous were the private sailboats and motorboats, followed by law enforcement/Coast Guard and Coast Guard Aux, tour operator boats, and commercial traffic. Lots of interesting things to see on the bay those few days!

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

Some sailboats making their way on the Bay.

The Adventure Cat 2 was packed with people. The Coast Guard is already enforcing the safety zone.

Kitty Kat

Hey, I remember the 'Empress'! It blocked my view of the sneak pass last year!!

Pretty shot of the Potomac and the GGB.

The Entertainer was well booked for FleetWeek.

I think they were in pretty good position for parts of the show.

SF Fire Dept Safe boat.

Champagne on the Bay. That's roughing it!

Looks like people standing on the roof of the near boat, but they are on the sail boat...

The very much abbreviated parade of ships - the USCGC Bertholf and the Jeremiah O'Brien. A little thin, don't you think?

Someone on the Photon is going to have some great shots of the show!

I think the sails would be blocking too much of the sky for a good air show view.

Can't say I support that point of view, but it was all very peaceful and pleasant out there.

The USCGC Cuttyhunk is based out of Port Angeles, Washington. It had been recently overhauled - replacing the 2 main diesel engines, generators, electrical wiring, communication and navigation equipment.

I have no clue about the guys in camo. Navy SEAL team? Naw.

Happy Days.

Dude, is that hard lemonade? :-)

No motorized boats in the swim lagoon. But sailboats I guess were ok. Did they really get in there on wind alone?

These guys were SET! No huge wake from power boats, prime seating, no worries about a Ferry running you over...

The Snowbirds can be seen in the background.

'Just Dreaming' out on the Bay.

Doesn't that look like fun?

Somebody's really NICE toy!!

He blasted by going pretty fast, which earned him a bullhorn warning to 'SLOW DOWN!' from one of the Sheriff boats.

The smaller vessel was left to rock and roll in his wake.

The Cuttyhunk was the largest Coast Guard vessel patrolling the safety zone. The Cuttyhunk is a 110 foot Island Class patrol boat.

Pic of the 'Salty Lady'. Such naughty things spring to mind...

The 'New Rayann'.

Wacky Jacky!

Another nice toy.

The Adventure Cat 2 was packed with people.

'Five Stars' is a charter yatch (I believe).

The 'Bass Tub' was full that day.

Another shot of the 'New Rayann'.

'Lovely Martha' out for Fleet Week.

Couple of Speedboats.

The Tugs Delta Linda and Delta Deanna got into a good spot for Saturday.

That's a pretty boat!

Looks like it has its own enclosed patio up top.

Chucky's Pride looks like full.

The San Francisco Fire Dept's 'Phoenix Fireboat #1'.

Here with the Patriot Team's L-39s in the background.

Silver Fox with an interesting layer of smoke (from the jets) behind it.

I have no idea if 'Pursuit' is the name of the boat, or the manufacturer.

The jetskis are from the National Forest Service. Forest? On the water?

Starting to get a wee bit crowded, as the boats jockey for position.

The California Spirit is a nice big boat, but the view from the lower deck looks a bit constrained.

Looks like there's room for a few more on the 'Sari Ann'.

Looks like a fun group on the Nordic Tug 32.

The pilot has to put up with hanging feet in his view though. I bet he's bummed he has to work and can't relax like the others!

The Denise Susan looks like it has some huge lights up top.

Here's another Salty boat. The 'Salty Dog'.

Looks like nice, premium seating up top.

Fat Albert's routine.

The Phoenix with Fat Albert.

The Potomac was sold out many months ago. Beautiful ship, and very effective at blocking the smaller boats' view!

The 'San Francisco Belle' looks really crowded - but it's situated at the far east side of the showbox - so is a bit far from the main action. They do get a fair bit of the Blue Angel's routine though.

Another attractive shot of the Potomac.

I believe the boats could stay in one spot (without anchoring), but they had to make way for other boats who wanted to pass.

'High Hopes' look to be a working fishing vessel.

The Potomac and the GGB.

The Blues Double Farvel passing over the Jeremiah O'Brien.

Fireboat Phoenix once more.

Capt. Joey joins the rush hour boat traffic leaving the area.

I'm sure there's never a dull moment skippering a boat during Fleet Week!

The Jeremiah O'Brien is a popular booking for Fleet Week.

The Sagittarian Tug escorts the O'Brien and helps it turn in the confines of the Bay.

The Blue and Gold Fleet is also very popular during the air show. It keeps moving though, and doesn't just park, so the view can be hit or miss.

Here's a nice family outing on a smaller boat.

Princess cruise had a liner out for a shakedown earlier in the week. I think they left Saturday night though.

It's fun to cruise the San Francisco Waterfront!

It's Sunday, right before the Blue Angel's routine. Boats are still rushing to get into position.

Here's 'Hog Heaven' with the Transamerica building in the background.

Adventure Cat 2 in front of Pier 39 and the Bay Bridge.

Here's the AmNav Revolution Tug sneaking up on a Coast Guard RHIB.

The AmNav Revolution in front of Coit tower.

Looks like good seating on the Miss Farallones.

Just Dreaming out for the Sunday show.

Not the most comfortable seating, but a great view!

The Potomac adding some spice to the SF skyline.

The Red and White Fleets' Harbor Princess with Coit tower behind it.

Not too many people on deck on the California Hornblower. Maybe hey are serving lunch?

A 25 foot USCG Safe boat whizes by.

Lots of police on the San Francisco Police boat (Marine 1?).

Here's the Blues in the background.

With the show over, everyone beats a hasty retreat!

The Jeremiah O'Brien is assisted by the Tug.

The USS Pinckney (DDG 91) was supposed to be in the parade of ships, but ended up slipping into port quietly Sunday morning. Something about the winds being too high outside the Bay.

The USCGC Bertholf is based out of Alameda.

The Alameda County Sheriff boat has some serious firepower. I believe it's the Susan M., an 85 foot homeland security patrol boat.

Twin .50 cal machine guns on the forward deck - equipped like a military vessel. Transferred from the Coast Guard to Alameda County Sheriff dept for free! The Coast Guard had no use for it after evaluating it as a possible replacement for its 87 and 110 ft coastal patrol boats. What a deal!!

The USS Bonhomme Richard likewise did not make the parade of ships. Which is too bad, as I was looking forward to photographing her.

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