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These are my shots of the Coast Guard members, helicopter, and boats at the 2008 San Francisco Fleet Week event. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is both a military and a law enforcement organization. It is one of the seven components of the Uniformed services of the United States and one of the five elements of the United States Armed Forces.

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

The Coast Guard Cutter George Cobb is a 175 ft. Keeper Class Coastal Buoy Tender. The USCGC George Cobb helps to maintain the integrity of West Coast buoys from its home base in San Pedro, California.

The Barracuda crew wrestling with their anchor.

Last minute instructions from the Sockeye bridge?.

A lot of heavy construction on YBI for the new Bay Bridge project.

A bit of an artsy patriotic shot!

A Coastie stands ready to cast off the lines.

A 47 ft. Motor Lifeboat (MLB) from Bodega Bay. (Got a correction that only the larger Coast Guard vessels get a name. The smaller boats just have numbers and the station that they're from!)

The Bay Bridge and portions of the San Francisco skyline make for a great setting for this USCG Cuttyhunk shot. I especially like that the bay water sparkles with the slightly backlit shot.

The George Cobb making its way to one of the corners of the air show safety zone rectangle.

Plenty of Coast Guard Auxilliary boats were on hand to help out too.

The Tern 1 RHIB getting ready to sortie.

It's one of those interesting releases, where a pull on the rope would release the catch. You see it used on mythbusters occasionally!

And there they go!

Here's Cuttyhunk about to get buzzed by Fat Albert!

The Blues in Diamond formation behind the Hawksbill and Cuttyhunk.

Some more shots of Coasties at work.

The 41 footer went out for a quick spin, but came right back.

The Cuttyhunk crew getting ready to get underway.

I really liked this shot!

The Bodega Bay crew.

The Barracuda still tied up. She'll be out there though!

The 47 ft. MLB making its way out.

The MLB from Bodega Bay in the definitive San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge shot!

A 25 foot Safe boat draws alongside.

Another shot of the MLB in the Bay!

The Dolphin is a twin engined Medevac capable Search and Rescue (SAR) helicopter.

I think this may the MH-65C model, with the low noise 10 blade Fenestron. It no longer has that distinctive Dolphin whine.

At first I thought that was an awfully long way for someone to be jumping! Looking at the picture, it was just a 'dummy'. I know I don't want to be falling 40 ft into the water!

The demo was actually quite a ways from shore. I got to be a lot closer being on the Tern.

Sadly, we were slowly idling away from the scene. Still, I was able to capture the moment the rescue swimmer jumped from the helo. A lot lower than 40ft, but still looks to be maybe 18ft?

The 25 ft. Response Boat from the Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) is in the foreground of this shot.

The rescue swimmer and 'victim' is hoisted onboard the Dolphin.

A nice view of the Dolphin and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Chamaeleon is part of the Coast Guard Auxilliary, and looks great with the Rock in the background.

This is another Coast Guard Auxilliary boat.

The Barracuda by the San Francisco waterfront.

The Melody is another Coast Guard Auxilliary helping out.

Being on a small boat can be tough when the seas are rough.

This day, it was the Hawsbill tied up to the show center buoy. The Blues are just starting their routine in a Diamond formation.

It's the Pike heading towards the Bay Bridge.

The Aspen is a Juniper class Seagoing Buoy Tender which uses Dynamic Positioning to maintain the vessel's position within a 10 meter circle in winds of up to 30 knots (56 km/h) and waves of up to 8 feet (2.4 m).

At 225 ft, the Aspen makes the Cuttyhunk look small! The Aspen is based out of San Francisco.

Here's the Barracuda with the CG helicopter demo in the back.

The Bertholf was the only military vessel which made it for the parade of ships. The Bertholf is 418ft and displaces 4,300 tons. As a National Security Cutter, it is designed to be the flagship of the fleet.

The Bertholf can carry 2 helicopters, and 2 long ranger interceptor boats. Primary armament includes a 57mm gun with the MK 160 Gun Fire control system. It also has a CIWS (20mm gatling gun) for point defense.

Here's the Hawsbill alongside a Red and White tour boat.

The CIWS and 57mm gun can be seen in this shot.

The Bertholf has a crew of 18 officers and 106 enlisted, and is based out of Alameda.

The Dolphin does a relatively close fly-by.

A parting shot of the Cuttyhunk and the Golden Gate Brige.

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