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These are my shots of the Fry's Electronics Patriot demonstration team at the 2008 San Francisco Fleet Week celebration. Sponsored by Fry's Electronics and Hot Line Construction, the Patriots fly four Boeing/Aero-Vodochody L-39C aircraft in their routine. The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer aircraft developed in Czechoslovakia, and can reach speeds of 560mph.

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

The Saturday Show

The Patriots fly a wonderful routine, and is by far my favorite civilian demonstration team.

They do a lot of Red, White, and Blue smoke.

The L-39 is a fast plane, but relatively quiet.

The Patriots do a lot of manuevers covering a large volume - perfectly suited to SF Fleetweek!

They have some moves reminiscent of the Blue Angels.

Here's a nice break.

Opposing passes.

Quintessential FleetWeek shot, with the GGB.

In the right light, the black Patriots L-39 looks really sharp!

They are so much fun to watch!

An L-39 framed by a sailboat's rigging.

Check it out, the horizon is pretty level huh? I didn't even have to fix it in post processing. Having the grid lines shown in the viewfinder really helps with these kind of shots!

The Patriot solos did some nice low level passes in front of the rock.

You can see the shadow on the water. Pretty low for a jet!

The buoy tender forms the far end corner of the show box safety zone.

Back to their 4 ship routine.

Pretty shot w/ the bridge.

Patriots with Sausalito in the background.

A piece of Angel Island can be seen.

Coming in from the Berkeley hills side. All that leftover smoke makes it tough for clear shots.

Starting a break.

Now there's 3...

There goes another!

Really a nice performance!

The Sunday Show

Being on the boat Sunday allowed me to be closer, and to get some different angles. Here are the Patriots about to start their show by flying around Coit tower.

The smoke makes for some nice shots!

Really unique opposing merge!

A great angle for the L-39!

Looks good going away too!

Really like this shot showing the L-39 heading towards the show center ship.

The Sunday GGB shot.

Man, he's really close on this pass! (helps being on the boat and all)

The Alcatraz shot.

Looks really cool in a pair. Similar to the Blues solo pass to rejoin.

Doing the synchronized smoke on/off thing.

The cantilever section of the Bay Bridge can be seen here.

I think the announcer said that a couple of the pilots were ex-Thunderbirds.

Well, they certainly know what they are doing!

A great head-on view of the formation.

Your best buys are Fry's! So they say.

This was such a nice shot I had to include it.

The reflection of the sun off the black paint job really adds sparkle!

Sort of an neat perspective of the Patriots with the Berkeley hills.

The Jeremiah O'Brien is always a popular option for Fleetweek.

Parting shot of the Patriots with the Rock.

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