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Photo Gallery

These are shots of the folks that organize and run the San Francisco Fleet Week production, the announcers, the technical crew, and the people that turn out in such huge numbers to watch and enjoy the show!

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and a D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

The Aquatic Park area Saturday was packed!

All the big demo teams videotape their performances for review and critique afterwards. This is the Viper West cameraman videoing the F-16 demo.

I believe those are pilots for next year's Blues team checking out the show.

Lots of eyes on the ground to provide needed feedback.

Clapping after Sean Tucker's routine.

A lot of people out enjoying the show!

The rooftops look to be popular viewing spots as well!

They use the mirror to help the pilots orient themselves.

The municipal pier was closed to the general public during the show. Only people associated with the air show was allowed entry.

The pier and ships of the Maritime Museum were also popular spots to get a great view.

Pier 39 is naturally over-crowded. In my opinion, a bit far from show center though.

Packed in there pretty good!

The Hyde Street Cable car turntable and surround area.

Palace of Fine Arts shot. Tents from the air show vendors can be seen on the Marina Green.

The water in front of the Marina Green was a popular spot for the boaters to hang out during the show.

She sang the National Anthems (Canadian & U.S.), and did a fine job!

Members of the Blues support team during the National Anthem.

One of the Aerobatic team announcers.

Air Boss for the show.

Members of the F-16 demo team.

Viper West announcer talking with the F-16 pilot over the radio and broadcasting his responses (using the mike and radio handset).

Announcer for a civilian act.

They can use mirrors, or floodlights to signal.

Here's the Blues videographer.

Narrator for the Blues

Helping the planes line up.


SFPD helping to keep order.

There were some Sea Cadets helping out with security checks.

Parts of Fort Mason and the Marina Green can be seen in this view.

It's early, so the Marina Green isn't packed with people yet!

Some Coasties walking about.

Sorry, no more parking spots!!

Various vendors were on hand at the show.

All sorts of assorted airplane and air show nick nacks to be found.

Need to stay hydrated.

MMMMmmmmm... lots of yummy food stuff!

Snacks are just a few steps away.

Special VIP tent areas.

Support the troops banner, by AM560 KSFO

I'm saddened that I didn't get to meet the Geico Gecko.

Standing for the National Anthem.

In the box seating area.

Nicely catered to. You could order drinks and such from the seat.

A videographer set to record the show.

Service with a smile!

The box seat area in Marina Green had a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and was show center for most of the aerobatic acts, and the Snowbirds. Even the Blues shifted portions of their routine (like the final break) to the Marina Green.

San Francisco LEO enjoying the day out.

You can grab a pretty decent spot if you got there early.

The Collaborators in a loop behind the Blue Angels VIP tent flag.

Shot of the Aquatic park area, with Coit tower in the back.

The Snowbirds announcer.

Videographer for the Snowbirds.

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