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These shots were taken aboard the USCG Tern on the last day of the Fleet Week air show. It was a privilege and honor to have been invited on-board, and it was great seeing the crew of the Tern again! Moreover, can't go wrong having the best seat in the Bay! Truly a memorable experience.

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

Safety Briefing prior to getting underway.

Providing some additional information to the guests on board.

Getting the signal flags ready

Standing by to cast off the lines...

Hoisting the colors

Transiting the Bay Bridge

The Collaborators leaving smoke trails in their intricate routine.

About to launch the Rigid Hull Inflatable.

There goes Tern 1!

Captain of the Tern, LT Nordhausen.

It was the Chief's Birthday!

I think it was a carrot cake...

Happy Birthday!

Great smiles!

The Tern 1 is taken out again by a different crew.

Notice the lack of crash helmets this time... the waters were a lot calmer than earlier.

It can get quite loud out there, especially if the jets turn on their afterburners. It's all music to my ears though!

The bridge crew!

We did have a little bit of excitment out there, as the Tern chased down a boat which had strayed into the Safety Zone. It was impressive how quickly the ship accelerated!

Getting all the ropes laid out and prepped for docking.

Yes, he actually DID jump. But not into the water... Still, hitting the dock from this high up is no picnic. I know I would severely injure myself if I tried!

Docking a ship this size takes a bit more effort than just pulling up to the dock...

It requires an experienced crew working together, and a bit of muscle on the ropes too!

The Tern logo was designed by this young man - who is the nephew of one of the Tern crew. I think he did a fabulous job! Outstanding, actually!!

Thanks again to the crew of the Tern for keeping the waters safe, and for being such gracious hosts!!

P.S., I'd be happy to add title and names to the captions. Just send me a note with the information!

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