BZ's SF Fleet Week '08 - Zone Enforcement

Photo Gallery

These are shots of the various boats and crews patrolling the air show safety zone. Even though it was very crowded out there, most everyone got with the program fine. There always are a few exceptions though! Those that stray into the zone are quickly shooed out, boarded, inspected, and most likely ticketed!

Used a Nikon D200 w/ a 70-300mm VR lens, and a D50 w/ a 18-105mm VR lens.
- Bernard Zee

Fleet Week is a particularly busy time for the Coast Guard, and several other vessels from out of town, and even out of state are called in to help out. The biggest one there patrolling the safety zone was the USCG Cuttyhunk.

The hapless fellow in the sailboat tried to cut directly across the middle of no-mans-land (or sea), during the air show performances - with planes buzzing around!! For his efforts, he got a bullhorn tongue-lashing from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, followed by a heap of problems from the San Francisco police. He was ordered to a pier for boarding and inspection...

The National Park Service (surprisingly) had some small boats and waverunners out on the bay. The waverunners are ideally suited for rescue work. Good thing they were not needed!

Here are USCG sister ships Sockeye and Hawksbill.

This is the Oyster Point Harbor Patrol boat. Along side it is a Pillar Point Harbor Patrol waverunner. They both sport the San Mateo Harbor District seal.

The San Francisco Police boat SF Marine 3 cruises the SF waterfront.

A picturesque shot of the San Mateo County Sheriff's boat with a pair of Pillar Point Harbor Patrol waverunners.

The 25 ft. Response Boat from the Maritime Safety and Security Team (MSST) making a turn in front of the Marina Green area.

Here's the Response Boat in the classic San Francisco boat shot - with the Golden Gate Bridge in the back.

Just pulling alongside to say 'Hi'.

These guys got busted for being in the zone boundary. They 'look' official, with their rigid hull inflatable and all, and even ran a pattern similar to the patrol boats. But I guess they were not part of any Coast Guard, Auxiliary, or Law Enforcement. The Tern ran them out of the area, intercepting them at what felt like Flank speed! Afterwards, they were told to cut engines, and be boarded for inspection. I presume, also to be ticketed!

I don't think they did any live firing that day...

Another pretty shot with Alcatraz in the back.

That must be tough being out there in the waverunners. Half an hour in warm waters, I would consider fun. All day, in near freezing waters, being pounded by riding over heavy waves? That's just painful!

Here's a great action shot of the San Mateo County Sheriff's boat making good speed.

I'm constantly surprised by the wide variety of law enforcement agencies on the Bay. I didn't know California Highway Patrol has a patrol boat!

Here's a 41 footer Coast Guard boat.

The very impressive looking San Francisco Police boat - SF Marine 1.

I thought that this was a big Police boat, until I saw what Alameda County Sheriff had...

OMG! That's a really huge boat operated by Alameda County Sheriff! Fast, and with enough firepower to fight off Somali pirates. Homeland security $?

Here's the San Mateo County Sheriff's boat. I wonder if they wished to get in on the same deal as Alameda County... :-)

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