Aerobatics at Miramar MCAS 2009

Photo Gallery

Here are some of the civilian aerobatic acts from the MCAS Miramar air show.
- Bernard Zee

Bill Leff flies the silver T-6 trainer.

Bill does some tricky moves close to the ground.

They said the regular T-6 doesn't like to run upside down - the fuel would cut out, and the engine would die. Of course, Bill's T-6 has been modified to fix that!

This is Dan Buchanan in his Airwave glider. He has a tow car which gets him airborne. Then, it's just the wind.

As you can see, Dan is a paraplegic. He is an inspiration to many, as he has not let his accident slow him down!

Chuck Aaron flies the Red Bull BO-105 helicopter - which did some amazing rolls and loops.

Sean Tucker in the Oracle Challenger II. It's the last season for this plane, as there is a Challenger III in the works for next year!

Here's Sean a fraction of a second before cutting the ribbon.

Coming back around for another pass. He makes it seem so effortless!

Here's the Legend himself giving a thumbs up! SEAN TUCKER!!

John Collver and the T-6 'War Dog'.

John flies a tribute to the men and women of the armed forces. Here he is buzzing by the Snowbirds.

And here's John himself saying hi to the audience.

Bret Willat in his Sailplane Magic Grob G-103.

Said to have a glide ratio of 30:1. It can stay in the air for a long time if the wind is right!

The Red Bull Mig-17 is flown by Bill Reesman.

Small and quiet, the Mig-17 is distinguished from the earlier Mig-15 by the presence of an afterburner.

When lit, it is often refered to as a 'bic' lighter!

Here's Bill bringing it in after a nice show. He goes up again for the Twilight show (I have a shot of it under the fireworks section).

Twilight show

Sean Tucker in the beautiful light of the setting sun. Going under the ribbon.

One more time.

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