Blue Angels at Miramar MCAS 2009

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Great show by the Blues (as usual). Normal routine for Saturday, but they flew a low show due to the clouds for Sunday. The low show, not to mention the uniformly white background from all the low clouds, really threw me off for Sunday. Sigh, no excuses!
- Bernard Zee

Not engine smoke, but water from a fire engine. Presumeably to prevent the grass from catching on fire.

Blue Angel #1 rolls by to get to the takeoff position. In case you're wondering, all those crates of 'stuff' behind it are the fireworks for later that night.

It's the Blue's announcer LT Ben Walborn, and I think the thumb of the events coordinator LT Amy Tomlinson.

The opposing solo LT Frank Weisser streaks by low to the ground during takeoff.

Just to lend a bit of context. The Miramar tower can be seen, along with some of the statics.

The picture perfect diamond formation.

You know, I try to time these things...but it just comes down to a matter of luck for me!

One up, one down.

Almost good (on my part)... could be worse!

The dreaded left echelon roll.

By now, the not so Sneak pass! Ah, but they got me good on Sunday. The low show was a completely different routine. So when the announcer said look right... he actually didn't mean it. :-)

OK, I must admit I'm pretty happy with this sequence. Vapor=speed!

Framed it nicely! Of course, I didn't keep up properly for the entire pass. Bits of the tail and all that later on... :-)

We're so lucky in the West Coast to have normally clear skies. I can only imagine this is what it's like in shows further East!

Flying line abreast.

I LOVE this shot of them stacked up. I think it's kindof unique!

The opposing solos cross again.

The vapors really help to convey a sense of motion and direction to this shot.

Pulling some nice G's here.

Lighting is just right (for a change).

Nice break with the clouds.

The solos pass to rejoin streaked by close and low!

I thought this was a nice breaking shot.

Here are all 6 crossing at the center.

Almost an artsy feel to it.

The #4 plane pulling some high G's and vapor.

Back on the Ground!

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