F16 and Legacy Flight at Miramar MCAS 2009

Photo Gallery

The F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration was performed by Viper West, out of Hill Air Force Base in Utah. After the demo, the F-16 joined up with the P-51 Mustang for the Heritage Flight.
- Bernard Zee

Here's the F-16 and P-51 taxiing together prior to take off.

And up goes the Viper (Nicknamed after the fighters in Battlestar Galacttica)

Taking off with Afterburner.

On a high speed pass, he's moving fast enough to create a ring beard of vapor under the intake.

The F-16 is a very nimble fighter, and can easily pull 9Gs or more. Wouldn't want to black out while doing that!

On this nice photo pass, the shock diamonds of a lit afterburner can be seen.

After a dazzling routine, the Viper joins up with the Mustang.

Old and new, both premiere fighters in their time.

They play the same music/tribute for every Heritage flight, but I must admit it never gets old!

Passing directly overhead, I included this shot only to show how similar the wingspan of the WWII P-51 and the modern day F-16 was.

Here's the Mustang coming in for landing.

Followed by the Viper, wheels 'almost' touching the ground.

The F-16 and P-51 pilots wave to the crowd afterwards.

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