Fireworks at Miramar MCAS 2009

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If you could go for one day at Miramar, Saturday would be it! It's like 2 shows in one, with the morning and afternoon flying, followed by the Twilight show. The twilight show features some of the same acts, but usually with a twist. Most of those pictures are grouped along with the normal show pictures.

Included in this page are some of the civilian planes performing with fireworks, the main fireworks display, and the Wall of Fire!
- Bernard Zee

Dan Buchanan flying his hang glider at the twilight show.

Honestly, I don't know how he stays in the air with his huge load of roman candles and sparklers!

Bill Reesman's Mig 17 trailing an impressive tail of pyrotechnics. His afterburner 'bic' lighter can also be seen!

Bill Leff and the Starfire Night Skyshow, using the a T-6 Texan.


Had to use a tripod, to hold the shutter open for 4 or so seconds.

Mirimar is the only I show I know of (and certainly the only one I've been to) that has fireworks display.

Love watching the fireworks display!

Then there's the 'Wall of Fire'!

It starts out small...

But gets bigger, and bigger...

Set up by the EOD, the 'Wall of Fire' is hundreds of feet long!

Whoooosh! Can you feel the heat?

Thus ends another fun and exciting Twilight show!

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