Golden Knights at Miramar MCAS 2009

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The Golden Knights is the Army Parachute demonstration team whose history stretches back 50 years. There are 2 demonstration Teams active - Black and Gold. It was the Black team that put on the show at Miramar.
- Bernard Zee

This shot is actually a bit out of sequence, but I have it up front as a good introduction to the Golden Knights. That's their plane in the background doing a flyby.

For the show opener, they jumped to the Canadian National Anthem, with the Canadian flag. The reason they did the Canadian thing is to honor the Snowbirds, which were scheduled to perform later.

Sean Tucker circles the parachuting U.S. Flag in his Oracle Challenger II, with the National Anthem playing.

The crowd stands for the National Anthem.

And the flag comes in for a perfect landing.

3 Marine F-18 Hornets do a flyby at the end of the National Anthem.

The crowd cranes their neck to catch sight of the jumpers as the Golden Knight's plane passes overhead.

A bit easier to spot with the smoke on!

Starting to deploy their chutes.

Staggering themselves so they take turns landing.

Moments before hitting the cameraman ground.

State of California flag.

The Fokker F27 Friendship serves as the jump aircraft for the Golden Knights.

Fully loaded, it can carry 50 paratroopers.

These aircraft are only used by the Golden Knights demonstration team - not in general U.S. Army usage.

Here they are packing out their own chutes and waving to the crowd.

They are all very experienced jumpers, each with hundreds of jumps under their belt - some of the more senior members have thousands!.

They had a van pick up their stuff for the Sunday show, so a bit lighter here.

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