MAGTF at Miramar MCAS 2009

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The Marine Air Ground Task Force or MAGTF demo has got to be one of the most exciting displays at any air show! When they run the full show, helicopters, jets, transports, troops, tanks and explosions all share the same stage - and there's always something going on!
- Bernard Zee

A couple of AV-8B take part in the MAGTF demo. That is, when they are able to run the full show.

Thankfully, the weather Saturday was cooperative, and they were able to put up all their air assets. Sunday was a more scaled back version due to low clouds. My percentages for catching a break on the full show isn't so great - just about 50% over the years :-(

Here are a couple of C-130 (J's I think) starting their take off roll.

Followed by Marine F/A-18 Hornets.

A pair of AV-8B Harriers do a short roll take off.

To start the show off, a F/A-18 RECON does a fast pass. The recon version can be distinguished by the sensors under the nose of the plane.

A C-130 trailing refueling drogues followed by a pair of CH-53 Sea Stallions.

Another C-130, this time actually hooked up to a Harrier and Hornet!

A small force of recon Marines fast rope down from a UH-1N helicopter.

Who calls in NAVAL GUNFIRE!

The enemy is still there, so they call in a bunch of F-18s and Harriers for air support.

The Harriers are moving pretty past, but they can't go supersonic (well, no one goes supersonic at an air show anyway - Except at Edwards)

Showing a bit of vapor as he rockets past.

Great job by the EOD peronnel with the explosions!!

Here's a CH-46 SeaKnight bringing in more troops. A CH-53 can be seen in the background carrying a Hummer.

Pictured are a pair of SeaKnights about to land.

The Marines disembark from the rear ramp of the CH-46s.

AH-1W Super Cobras! They look so cool!

Here's the CH-53 bringing the Hummer in. I don't recall them driving off in it though...

A pair of Hornets come in for more close air support.


Having dropped its load, the CH-53 leaves the area.

2 of the 3 Sea Stallions flying can be seen here.

Time to call in the heavy armor of the M1A1 Abrams!

More boomz!

The M1A1 tank sports a 120mm smoothbore canon, and has proven itself King of the battlefield!

Marines on the ground, with a LAV-25 Amored Personnel Carrier (APC) in the back.

Well, the enemy is really dug in, so more airstrikes are needed.

This time, napalm! Whooooosh!

A pair of Harriers add their load to the mix...

More explosions!

One more check by the RECON F-18, and coast is clear.

Here follows the parade of vehicles which participated in the MAGTF. First up are the CH-53s.

Then the Snakes.

Followed by a pair of UH-1N's.

A trio of Hornets.

Crew of a LAV-25.

A pair of Harriers.

The M1A1 tanks rumble by.

Arguably the best tank in the world, and certainly the strongest combat record to back it up.

I've always loved Tanks. Too bad there's no 'Tank show' in the U.S.!

LAV-25 APC's crew waves to the crowd.

Another closeup of the LAV-25 with the AH-1 behind it.

Marines getting fives from the crowd.

The RECON Hornet lands.

Here's the C-130s getting ready to land.

Thus ends another amazing MAGTF demonstration!

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