Patriots at Miramar MCAS 2009

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The Patriot demonstration team is sponsored by Fry's Electronics and Hot Point Construction. As far as I know, the only civilian demonstration team flying a 4 jet routine. The Patriots have been using the Czech built L-39C trainer at airshows since 2003.
- Bernard Zee

Here are the Patriots taking off.

The Patriot's trademark red white and blue smoke from their black jets.

Starting off in a 4 ship diamond formation.

They do a variety of passes similar to the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels.

Unlike the military demo teams, the Patriot's L-39 is much quieter.

The L-39 is a nice little jet which can attain speeds of up to 560 mph.

The Patriot's show always has something going on, with jets coming in singles, pairs, or in formation.

The backseater on the lead plane is saying 'make some noise!'.

The formation starting to split coming from behind the crowd.

Here they are crossing close to show center.

Landing after the show.

Pilots and crew driving past the audience waving hi.

Twilight Show

The Patriots take to the sky again for the Twilight show.

I believe it's the same routine, just at dusk.

There's a few minutes there where the light is just magical!

Here they line up just perfectly with the rising moon.

Very interesting with the last bit of red light reflected in the clouds.

Hope you liked the show!

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