People at Miramar MCAS 2009

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What's an air show without the people who go an watch it? These are some misc shots of the people who put on, covered, and went to the Miramar air show.
- Bernard Zee

One of the San Diego Channel 6 news reporter covering Bill Leff's act.

Hat and sunglasses are usually good items to bring along. For some reason, I keep forgetting my hat in the car... a terrible oversight for sure.

A KUSI news reporter interviewing one of the Marine PAO.

The Canadian Snowbird #4 pilot.

A lovely videographer for one of the news outlets.

As usual, Miramar was very crowded!

The Marine color guard leads the way.

Followed by the Marine Corp Band.

More TV coverage.

Nice reporter from Popmodal.

Here she is again, behind the camera this time.

The Blues friends and family area.

Marine Sniper in his Gillie suit, holding a Barrett .50 cal rifle.

A friendly Marine who offered to take my picture!

Not sure she knows what to do with it!

A Marine atop a mine resistant vehicle display.

Perhaps he's waiting for it to Transform.

You could stand in line to see the inside of a AV-8B Harrier, or talk with the pilots who fly it.

The exhaust nozzles of a F-18 Hornet are interesting to some.

There's ice cream if you like!

The kids get to dress up and pose with real weapons!

You don't want to mess around with this crew!

While it was very hot Saturday, such was not the case Sunday. Darn the luck! These are of course, San Diego Charger Cheerleaders, who are unfortunately dressed for the cold...

They had such nice smiles I had to include 2 shots of them!

The Marine challenge was, if you could do 20 pullups (for a guy), or hold yourself up for 90 sec (for a girl), you'd get a T-shirt. She looks tough, and yes, she just made it!

Marine Tank crew member atop a M1A1.

Peace to the Blues!

Oh yeah, you want some of this? A bit of water to cool off with...

The crowd can try to communicate with the Navy underwater divers through the plexiglass.

People are fascinated by the A-10 and the mighty GAU-8 Avenger cannon.

A fellow Nikon Shooter! :-)

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