Snowbirds at Miramar MCAS 2009

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Miramar this year had not one, but two premiere flight demonstration teams (well, 3, if you count the Patriots). Making a guest appearance were the Canadian Snowbirds, flying the CT-114 Tutor. The Snowbirds' show is very different from the Blues, or Thunderbirds. Instead of raw power, their routine is more of a ballet. Their normal show puts up 9 planes, which often fly intricate and complex patterns close together.
- Bernard Zee

Here are the pilots marching out to their planes to start the show.

Saluting the ground crew.

Taxiing out.

The planes take off in very close formation in 2 groups.

Here they are lifting off with the Blue Angels' F-18s parked in the foreground.

The 9 planes form up, and do the 'Canada Goose'. By the way, that's the proper way to say it...not 'Canadian Goose' :-)

This one is called the 'Silver Dart'.

Even though there are 9 planes, the Tutors are very quiet aircraft, so there's not much jet noise to go with the routine.

Here they are making the loop in tight formation.

Covering a lot of sky, the formation splits apart here.

The opposing solos cross near show center - and to the right of some offending speakers!

I think this is called a 'Vic'.

More crossing action.

This one is crazy looking, with multiple planes crossing!

Looks like they're headed for a big smashup...

But no, it's all under control!

The Grandstands as usual, were filled.

Looks like an 2 X wings from Star Wars!

This looks really hard to pull off well.

The 'Big Vic' moving away from the crowd.

Looks like it's part of the 'inverted split'.

A lot of planes to keep track of!

Not only do they take off, and fly in formation, they land in formation too!

Safely back on the ground.

Snowbird pilots wave to the appreciative crowd.

The Base commanders shake hands and thank the Snowbirds for the show.

A closeup of the pilots as they drive by the crowd.

Look like a great bunch of guys! Thanks for the show!

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