BZ's 2008 New York International Auto Show

Photo Gallery

Attended the New York International Auto Show while on a Spring Break vacation in New York City. Didn't plan it that way, just happened to be town during the event - and had to take a look! All the major auto manufacturers were present, so there were hundreds of vehicles there. This is but a small representative of the items I found interesting.

Pics taken using a Nikon D50, with the 18-55mm kit lens.

A Toyota Venza 'crossover sedan'. New for 2009.

Not exactly a groundbreaking concept, but I'm sure it'll do well with the Toyota stamp of quality and reliability behind it.

A 2009 Toyota Matrix - Rally Sport. Designed by Millenworks.

Custom intercooler, custom intake, TRD supercharger, TRD suspension coilover fronts and rears, TRD brake kit. You can be sure the ones you find at the dealer lot will not resemble this one in the least! :-)

09 Toyota Corolla - S3. TRD supercharger, 4-1 header, polished everything in the engine bay, height adjustable coil over suspension, one touch hydraulic vehicle ride height adjustment. 225/30ZR20, 245/30ZR20 tires. Again, you won't find this at your Toyota dealer!

The Nissan GT-R (Skyline) has attained quite the cult status here. Mostly because it hasn't been imported to the US - till now!

It of course, remains to be seen if people are willing to part with the $70k or more for one these beast.

Officially, it's not a 'Skyline'...but that's what it is in my mind! Designed to equal the performance of a Porsche 997-series 911 Turbo, the GT-R generates 473 horsepowers using a twin turbocharged V6, has all wheel drive, and a dual clutch transmission. Much as I want one, I believe it's out of my league!

Here's a Lexus ISF in an unusual stealthy black by Five Axis.

It has been widen by 6 inches (seems like that'll take a lot of effort), and painted in satin black pearl paint with satin bronze accents. Custom engine work done to the IS Fs' 5.0 Liter V8 engine. 245/30/ZR20, and 295/25ZR20 tires. Brembo GT brake system. You won't find this on the dealer's lot!

Here's a 'regular' IS F. Lexus put its biggest engine in the smallest chassis. Having 416 Horsepower, 371 lb-ft torque, and a curb weight of 3780 lbs means the IS F can go from 0 to 60mph in 4.6 sec, and have a top speed of 170mph! Yours for a paltry sum of $56k base.

A Saleen Mustang!

Although it's not painted in Decepticon colors, I still like it! I am such a geek...

This is Saleen's SSS Raptor. 650HP, over 200mph, and 0-60mph of around 3.2 sec.

Recommended fuel is E85 ethanol. I guess they're trying to be green...Didn't see the mpg listed though :-)

It's a very striking vehicle. Yours for only $185k...

Here's BMW's CS concept car.

Not very edgy for a concept car. Pretty much looks production to me.

BMW's 2008 X6 XDrive50i (that's a mouthful) looks to be another crossover vehicle. $64k.

The Dodge Zeo concept car looks very interesting.

Too bad it'll never see production!

Especially with those gillotine doors. Yikes my leg!

One good thing is no door dings from this vehicle. It can park beside my car anytime. On the other hand, it'll knock the hanging bicycle in the garage off its hooks and land on the hood! ouch!

The Lambo dealer didn't want regular folks anywhere near their cars...but as a consolation, they did have professional models as distracting eye candy. I'm ok with that!

Porsche 911 GT-2 in a beautiful bright red color.

The GT-2 has 530 horses, with a top speed of 205mph. The Germans sure do love their autobahn!

List at $192k. Why do I find these out-of-reach cars so interesting? Drool...

Speaking of drool.

I should have asked her name. No, no. I'm happily married. Just wanted to give her credit for doing a fine job!

It's hard work standing around all day, smiling and posing for strangers. She was amazingly professional. Smooth, and very pleasant. No sign of irratation or discomfort. Among the models there, she really stood out. Excellent job!

Oh yeah, the car is some type of unattainable Lamborghini. They have different models, but I might as well try to own a F-15!

Buick was showing a Riviera concept car.

Looks interesting, but I'll never own another Buick again!

If I remember correctly, they were saying something about it being manufactured in China. I could be wrong.

A 2010 Pontiac G8 sport truck.

I actually like the concept of a part performance car, part pickup. Shades of the old El Camino. Supposedly not a concept, but will actually go into production in 2010.

Actually quite a nice looking concept vehicle.

Super low profile tires are for show only, and would be truly bad for off roading...

Still, with the super duper Hybrid powerplant, the avg mileage is sure to be boosted from 12mpg to 14mpg! (I'll probably get all sorts of hate mail about that from GMC fans!)

It's Bumble Bee! (a 20?? Chevy Camero).

This car got so much press from the Transformers movie, yet it's not yet in production! Here, we are treated to what is still just a prototype. I suppose they have to make sure the car lives up to it's image.

Chevy has got a sure thing on their hands with this. 80% of the people would probably buy it on looks alone! Geeks like me would then paste a Autobot symbol in the middle of the steering wheel. You know you'd do it too!

Chevy brought back the ZR1 badge for this corvette.

Super vette is right. Around 620hp, and 600lb-ft.

Better hurry with your downpayment. Supposedly a limited run of these beasts!

The Smart car is popular in Europe.

Don't know how it'll fare in the U.S. It's just so tiny!

The Hummer HX concept vehicle was an attention grabber.

I know I like it!

Looks like it should be a very capable off roader.

Wife commented that the rear passengers won't get any headroom with that fastback top. So? I'd be driving it, not riding in it! :-)

The H3 hummer looks big in comparison.

In this day of spiraling gas prices, the popularity of the mega sized SUVs have plummeted.

Still, nothing says 'look at me', and 'get out of my way!' like one of these Hummers!

A lot of off-road folks like to ridicue the H2 and follow on Hummers as posers. But they do look good!

I have no clue. Probably a Acura formula one racer?

A Land Rover LRX concept car.

Great, black with a black background. Can hardly see anything!

I've always wanted one of those old time Land Rover defenders. But after reading about all the long term reliability problems - nevermind! This is of course, one of the newer LR3 models.

A Mazda RX8 done up in racing colors.

It has that smooth rotary engine - but not very good gas milage.

No chance you'd be seeing this at the Mazda showroom ever...

Still, it's a very nice looking car.

Just some more eye candy!

Ooooooh. A Shelby 500GT Mustang.

Practically screams American Muscle car! It of course, goes on the list of cars I would like to have...hahahaha!

I read about the Audi R8 in one of the Automobile mags.

Everyone raves about it.

Making my rounds a second (or is a third) time, I get a nice smile from the Lexus spokesperson/model. Car, what car? Oh, it's that same IS F as before!

A Jeep Renegade concept vehicle.

Looks like it'll be alot of fun outdoors and off pavement with this thing!

However, like most concept cars, this would likely not see production without major rework.

Like the hole in the door. Looks cool and all, but is there a point to it?

The Rubicon has been the rave of the off-roaders since it was introduced.

Shown here without doors. I presume they made it easy to take off without tools?

Here's a custom car for the rich and famous.

Called the Iconic, it claims 800hp, with a 2,200lb curb weight. I didn't bother asking how much! :-)

Some true classic cars were there too. This one a 1931 Duesenberg convertible.

Speed Racer's Mach 5!!!

Here he comes, here comes speed racer! Yes, they made a live action movie out of it.

I wonder if they put a chimpanzee in the trunk, along with a little kid...You'd think after the 4th time, Speed would check the back before driving off on some dangerous car thing.

Speaking of fantastic cars, here's one that's supposed to fly. They havn't got it airborne yet (I asked) - that's to come later...

Well, Suzuki gets in on the concept car thing too.

The interesting thing about this is not that it has motocycle style handlebars, but that there's still a gas and brake pedel in the 'normal' position. Hmmmmm. If I have a handlebar, I would want the throttle on my right hand! Otherwise, what's the point!

Look but don't touch the Rolls.

A C8 Spyder. 0-60 in 4.5 sec. Price as shown, $236k. I just want to drive one for a day!

I think I've seen this car featured on TV. Built by high school kids to compete in the electric car X prize.

I must say, it looks very nice!

There was no way I could photograph everything there - I just concentrated on the ones I liked! Still, I only posted a sampling of the shots I took. If you have a fav that's missing, ask me about it; I may have some some pics of it.