Ordering Prints

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At the top and bottom of each picture gallery, there's a "Order Prints" button that will open up a page where prints and their sizes can be selected.

Prints will be made from the full resolution (original) files, and contains more detail than the reduced sized web pictures that are posted. The watermark would of course, not be present on the prints.
A few words about picture size and frames
Prices are as follow:

Plus $1.00 shipping per item.

Larger poster sizes of 20"x30" are $80 each, with $5 shipping. No automatic checkout for the poster sizes though - you'll have to send me a note about it.

If you'd like to get the picture files on a disc (I use write once DVDs only because they seem more stable than CDs), it's $30.00 + $3 shipping. The images will be at 1620x1080 pixels resolution, which is great for 4x6s, and 5x7s prints. The copyright watermark is also removed in the CD images. I made a change in the resolution to better reflect the more common HDTV style monitor displays that most people have nowadays. Also changed is one event per disc.

Send your poster or disc requests to: szee1@comcast.net , with 'print order' in the subject - just so I won't miss it!
Bernard Zee

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