Clinch Valley Children's Center

Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Tennessee, INC

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Vision:  That all children in Anderson County will be safe, families strengthened, victims healed from trauma, and offenders held accountable.  Mission:  To combat severe physical and sexual abuse and resulting trauma by coordinating and providing services in a child friendly, safe and nurturing environment.

     The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Tennessee, INC (CACACT, INC) was developed in 2007 to address a need identified by Governor Phil Bresden and District Attorney General Dave Clark.  Anderson County needed a safe haven for sexually and physically abused children and their non-offending family members.  The Child Advocacy Center of Anderson County Tennessee, Inc, a tax exempt 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization was established to meet this need.   Services are provided to:

  • Child victims of physical and sexual abuse
  • Child witnesses of violent crime
  • Non offending family members or caregivers
  • The community at large through education and prevention efforts
       Doing business as the Clinch Valley Children's Center (CVCC),  the child advocacy center provides a place where  the children can tell their stories to one specially-trained professional in an environment where children know they will be safe instead of being interviewed countless times at different locations.  As a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC), the CVCC offers a single child-friendly place to:
interview victims, diagnose and treat injuries, provide follow-up mental health services, provide support services, educate the non-offending family/caregivers on other protective services, coordinate child abuse awareness and to coordinate and hold CPIT case review meetings to help children and bring offenders to justice

     CVCC provides a safe and child-friendly setting for children and families. This setting enhances the ability of the agencies and professionals to respond to the allegations of maltreatment.  At the CVCC, community agencies and professionals work together to reduce the trauma the victims experience.

     This is done through:

  • A joint investigative approach
  • Victims assistance to families
  • Assistance to children to cope with trauma and heal
  • Education and outreach to children, families, and community members

The CVCC is governed by a volunteer board of community members, with priority given to those who have a passion for helping abused children. 

CVCC is an accredited member of the National Children's Alliance. 

As a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization, CVCC welcomes donations.    Your contribution may be mailed to CVCC, 752 N. Main Street, Clinton, TN 37716. 

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