Portland Cacophony Society - Extremo for Mayor 2004

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The Victory Party:

The Results!

 Tom Potter                        55,193  
 Jim Francesconi                   45,042  
 Phil Busse                         9,396  
 James L. Posey                     6,665  
 Jeff R. Taylor                     3,092  
 Scot (Extremo The Clown) Campbell  1,247  
 Robert Ted Hinds                     807  
 R. Jerry Adams                     1,849  
 Jim (Spagg) Spagnola                 674  
 Jeffrey C. Rempfer                 1,670  
 Brad Taylor                          977  
 Bart Hanson                          841  
 Scott Ketchum                        238  
 Rozz Rezabek-Wright                  196  
 Rosalinda S. Mitchell                477  
 Peter Nilsson                        205  
 Michael Benkoski                     150  
 Lori Balkema                         534  
 Lew Humble                           120  
 Donald J. Pfau                        92  
 David (The Ack) Ackerman             234  
 Craig Gier                           105  
 Bruce W. Hollen                       67 

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