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Thanks Rob for the great event! What fun and excitement. I saw a story on the news last night about a Dave Atell impostor that is going around in Portland getting meals and drinks comped. So do you think we encountered the real insomniac or a fake? The news said the real guy is on the East coast right now. I've the shown the pics to different people with different opinions.


He didn't seem like the real deal last night. His voice was different and he wasn't as funny. My vote is not real.


an imposter probably isnt going to be able to convince three of his friends to lug around a bunch of heavy equipment with him, do all that work, and then only get a couple of free drinks and dinner out of it, at best. and that wasnt some store-bought cheap camcorder and microphone setup either... my opinion: real thing, for those and some other reasons.


It wasn't him. Apparently that crew scammed some bars along 2nd street for a few hundred $$ in booze and food. But they were entertaining and the owners aren't pressing charges, or so said the News Droids last night.

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