Portland Cacophony Society - Shamrock Run 2003

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Entering the Caco Minefield:

That's why some kind of Homeland Security guy was looking over our collective shoulder:

Event Coordinator Extraordinaire:

Cheryl with the hand-off:

Lime Green Moonbeam:

All the way from Biggs Travel Plaza:

Stephanie and "Brick House":

Imagine Acrophobia:

Kowboy Kirk:

Lookin' allright in black and white:

Rees with understated yet elegant white bathrobe:

Rob lets one get away:

Fun for everyone!:

Karl trying to do a hand-off, spills beer all over Moonbeam!:

Moon Us (of flash us) for a Moon Pie!:

Drop Pants, Not Bombs!:

Just show a quarter cheek and get some brewski:

Not sure if she wants it:

Whatever! Can't hurt ya if "you're in" the spirit of the race!:

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