The Daily Telegraph (Bluefield, WV)

10/10/1897 - Train Dispatcher F. L. Clifford, accompanied by his wife and children, left yesterday for a visit to White Sulphur Springs.

6/16/1898 - F. L. Clifford is rejoicing at the advent of what he terms an eleven-pound Democrat.

8/27/1898 - Mrs. T. A. Gresham of Livingston, Ky, is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. L. Clifford of the east end

10/20/1898 - Lewis N. Farrar, a popular engineer on the Pocahontas division, and Miss Ella L. Clifford were married yesterday evening at the rectory of the church of the Sacred Heart, Rev. Father Olivier officiating.  Mr. And Mrs. Farrar left on the evening train for a visit to Washington, Baltimore, and other eastern cities.

4/28/1899 - Policeman Jones yesterday arrested Mike Clifford who resisted arrest and finally struck the officer on his face, making an ugly bump.   Clifford used much profane language on the street while en route to the mayor’s office.  What the mayor did to him is not known as the court adjourned to the Mayor’s private office, with a number of Mr. Clifford’s friends and presently the sergeant appeared and told Mr. Clifford he could go as everything had been arranged.

7/06/1899 - F. L. Clifford left last night for White Sulphur Springs, where he was called by the death of his mother.  Although Mrs. Clifford had attained the ripe age of 82 years, she had been, until a few days since, in apparently excellent health and her sudden death was a surprise to her many friends.

7/19/1899 - Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Clifford returned yesterday afternoon from a visit to relatives and friends in Kentucky.

10/19/1899 - Miss Agnes Clifford has been on the sick list, but has recovered.

12/19/1899 - Bob Jamieson, Harry Bowles, John Brown, Fudge Clark, Grover Clifford, Pat Clifford, Otto Thaxton, and Walter Moses, the eight boys who were arrested by chief of police Burnette on a charge of breaking into a cab on the Norfolk and Western yard and pilfering various articles there from, were given a hearing before Justice Brown yesterday.  The case was not concluded and will be continued today.  Meanwhile the youthful lawbreakers were held for trespass.

6/10/1902 - F.L. Clifford and family returned last night from Raleigh, NC, and will make their home there.  Mr. Clifford has been in the employ of the Seaboard Air Line, as a dispatcher, for the past three months.

2/1/1903 - Mrs. R. E. Hench and Mrs. M.M. Clifford desire to extend thanks to those who helped them at the fire Sunday morning.

11/21/1903 - (Excerpt) Lewis Farrar was literally burned alive at Alma Colliery wreck.  Inextricably entangled in the wreckage and absolutely helpless he was yet practically unhurt until the fire reached him. Engineer Lewis Farrar was 34 years of age, and was a native of Campbell Co., Va., and came to this city from Lynchburg about eight years ago.  He married Miss Ella Clifford, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. M. Clifford, of this city, who with two children survives him.

5/15/1904 - James Calfee, a popular conductor of the Pocahontas division, and Miss Irene Clifford, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Michael Clifford, of this city, eloped to Bristol Friday, and were married by Parson Burroughs.  The happy young couple returned to Bluefield last night and were tendered a reception at the home of the groom’s sister, Mrs. W. F. Perkins.

5/17/1904 - The Daily Telegraph was in error Sunday in stating that James Calfee and Miss Irene Clifford had been married at Bristol by Parson Burroughs.   They were married at Bristol, but Rev. W. W. Crouch, pastor of the Christian Church in that city officiated.  They returned to Bluefield Sunday night, and a reception was tendered them at the home of W. M. Calfee.

8/27/1904 - R. C. Kerns, an engineer on the Pocahontas Division, and Miss Agnes Clifford, daughter of Michael M. Clifford, of this city were married here yesterday morning and left on No. 4 for an eastern tour.

9/06/1904 - R. C. Kerns and bride (nee Miss Agnes Clifford) who were married at the Catholic rectory in this city on August 26, Rev. Father Olivier performing the ceremony, returned to Bluefield Sunday after a trip to Norfolk.  They were accompanied to Norfolk by Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hentche.

Charleston Daily Mail

10/04/1928 - Mr. and Mrs. John A. McClung, of Maxwelton, this county, have announced the marriage of their daughter, Lucy Guy, to Mr. Howard Patrick Clifford, of Ronceverte, the ceremony taking place at the bride's home las Monday.  They will be at home in Ronceverte after October 10.

10/28/1929 - F. R. Clifford left Saturday for Oregon where he will supervise timber cutting for his uncle.

3/29/1931 - J J Clifford and niece, Ruth Branaman, of Ronceverte, are guests of Mr. & Mrs. Earnest De Laney of Richmond, Va.

7/05/1931 - Miss Violet Jackson presented her pupil, Miss Margaret Louise Clifford, in a graduation recital at her home in Greenbrier Avenue Thursday evening assisted by Miss Virginia Humphries and Miss Sarah Hilliary.

6/05/1932 - Three Ronceverte young men, cadets at Greenbrier Military School, graduated with honors Wednesday.  They are Thomas Clifford who received the American Legion medal and also one for keeping the pledge in athletics; Robert Vaughn received a similar medal for athletics and Luther E. Kramer, Jr. who was declared the best drilled R.O.T.C. cadet.  Clifford received an appointment to West Point Military Academy with only the physical examination to take. Vaughn was appointed an alternate.

7/31/1932 - Mr. and Mrs. Ernest deLaney, of Richmond, Va., announce the birth of a son, July 24.  Mrs. deLaney was formerly Miss Loretta Clifford of Ronceverte.

7/30/1933 - Mr. And Mrs. T. E. Clifford have gone to West Point, N. Y. to visit their son, Thomas Clifford, who is a student at the United States Military academy.

6/28/1936 - (Picture caption) Lieutenant and Mrs. Thomas Edgar Clifford of Ronceverte, who were married at Cadet Chapel, West Point, N. Y., June 13th. The maid of honor is Miss Evelyn Montgomery of Ronceverte and the best man, Cadet Gordon Kimbrell, of Athens, Ga.  Mrs. Clifford is the former Miss Brownie Peters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Peters of Ronceverte.

8/02/1936 - Howard P. Clifford, of Washington, D. C. and Miss Virginia Nichols, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Nichols of Madam Creek, were married Monday by Rev. H. P. Hackney, at his home in Summers street.  After a brief honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford will reside in Washington, where he is employed by the United States stock exchange.

9/02/1942 - Newport, R.I.  Four navy men are missing at sea, according to a Navy announcement today.  Details were withheld but it was said that next of kin had been notified.  Members of the lost plane's crew were identified as: Richard M. McWilliams, 22, Joplin, Mo; Aviation Pilot Albert Emil Jurca, 25, R.F.D. 1, Needville, Tex; Radioman Robert C. Delaney, 20,  Richmond, Va; Aviation Machinist's Mate James E. Browning, 18, Effingham, Ill.

11/02/1944 - STATE MAN CHASES UNIT ACROSS SEAS WITH 24TH DIVISION, LEYTE VALLEY, Philippines (AP)  Lt. Col. Jack Clifford, Ronceverte, W. Va., had no end of trouble reaching his battalion for the Philippine Show.  Returning from leave in the United States, he reached Hollandia three days late and took a plane to Morotai.  There he boarded a PBY for Leyte but it ran out of gas, landed at sea where a PT boat picked them up.   He had to stay on the PT while it picked up downed aviators from air battles for two days.  A seaplane tender finally put him ashore.   Fourteen hours later he found and took command of his battalion.  Clifford was a West Point grid star in 1933-34-35.

DATELINE PACIFIC by Fred Hampson  4/16/1945 column
The Japanese were most cooperative on Simara island in the Sibyuan sea just east of Mindoro.  The fighting was mostly on Bantayan mountain.  The 24th division's 19th regiment accounted for 86 Japanese, including 21 who committed hari kiri - mostly with hand grenades.  "That's a big help," said Col. Jock Clifford, former West Point football star, who commanded the regiment.

Berkshire Evening Eagle – Pittsfield, Berkshire, Mass. – 7/6/1945
Col. Thomas (Jock) Clifford, 33 year old former all-America gridiron star at West Point, was killed June 24 while commanding the 19th infantry of the 24th division in southern Mindanao, the War Department notified his widow, Mrs. Brownie Peters Clifford of near-by Ceredo.  Col. Clifford’s battle service extended from the early landings at Hollandia, New Guinea, until his death in the Philippines campaign.  He held the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver and Bronze Medals and 10 battle stars for participation in Pacific campaigns.  The officer, an all-America football player with Army in 1935, was awarded the DSC after his battalion’s famous 19-day stand against superior numbers of Japanese to hold a ridge dominating Ormoc on Leyte.

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc. - 7/7/1945
Leader of Famed Regiment Killed In Tamogan Action - With 24th Division Near Davao - (Delayed) (AP) - The famed old "Rock of Chickamauga" infantry regiment has lost one of the finest leaders in its long line of Heroes.  Col. Thomas E. (Jock) Clifford, Jr., commander of the 19th regiment of the 24th division, was killed by successive enemy mortar shells while directing the bloody assault on the village of Tamogan.  Clifford won nationwide acclaim as center of the Army football teams of 1933, '34 and '35.

Arlington Woman Buys $75,000 Leesburg Estate
W. F. Rust, Jr., a New England radio executive, has sold “Yeocomico,” his 75- acre farm estate at Leesburg, according to Previews Inc., marketing agents.  The buyer, Mrs. Ida K. Polen, was until recently owner of Rixey Mansion, in Arlington. Herbert Stevenson representing the George Mason Green Co. Arlington real estate brokers, negotiated the transaction. The property was advertised at $75,000, Previews, Inc., said.  The 15-room stucco and stone Georgian residence, commands sweeping views of the valley below. Upstairs are five master bedrooms with 2 baths, and servants’ quarters consisting of four bedrooms and 1 baths.


Charleston Daily Mail

3/20/1915  Augustus Ford, of Vaughn, an employee of the West Virginia Timber Co., was crushed to death March 12 when he was caught under a log which fell from a railroad car.  He was an American, 21 years old, and was single.

11/19/1929  The court directed Dr. Frank R. Ford, of Greenbrier county, to appear before Dr. L. V. Guthrie at the state hospital at Huntington for an examination to determine whether he was still addicted to the use of drugs.

4/14/1930 - SOUTH CHARLESTON  Miss Hallie Gibson has returned to her home in Fayetteville after spending the weekend here with her sister, Mrs. A. W. Daubenspeck. (Hallie taught 3rd grade in Fayetteville)

6/23/1931 - Mrs. Raymond Dee, of Pittsburgh, has announced the marriage of her daughter, Katherine, to Mr. Clinton C. Boude, of Charleston.  The marriage took place Monday, June 15, at Columbus, O.  The service was read by Rev. E. B. Troutman.  Mrs. Boude is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, and for several years has been associated with a finance corporation in Cleveland, O., and Pittsburgh.  Mr. Boude is the son of Mrs. Alice Boude of Hinton and is connected with a business concern in Charleston, where he and Mrs. Boude will reside.

6/17/1931 - Miss Mary Lee Boude, daughter of Mrs. Alice Boude of Cross Street, and William Glen Baylor, son of W. G. Baylor, of Bristol, Tenn., were married Saturday evening at Covington, Va.

9/10/1931 OFFICERS ELECTED BY FAMILY GROUP  Fords, Nunnleys and Hinkles Plan to Perpetrate Reunion – Hinton - The Ford, Nunnley and Hinkle families held a reunion Monday at Blue Sulphur Springs.  A picnic dinner, games and music was enjoyed, and plans were made to hold an annual meeting.  The following officers were elected:  President, Ben Ford; secretary, R. H. Ford; assistant secretary, J. W. Williams; treasurer, Mrs. Alice Ford Boude; committee on arrangements, J. C. Alderson, Arnold Ford, Mrs. Irene Ford Cales; program committee, Mrs. Susie Hinkle Knapp; Miss Hazel Nunnley; committee on history, Miss Hallie Gibson, Henry Ford, Mrs. Rosa Ford, M. W. Walton.

9/07/1932 - The second reunion of the Ford, Hinkle and Nunnally families was held Sunday at Bivens Hill park on the Midland trail, 12 miles west of Lewisburg.   The following officers were elected:  Mr. Homer W. Bowers of Charleston, president; Mr. Rufus H. Ford of Green Sulphur, vice president; Mrs. Clinton Ford Boude of Charleston, secretary and treasurer; Mr. Arnold Ford of Beckley, Mr. Ben Ford of Lewisburg and Mrs. Walter Huston Boude fo Hinton, program committee; Miss Roseanna Ford of Green Sulphur, chairman, Mr. Ben Ford of Lewisburg, Mr. Henry Ford of Grassy Meadow, Hallie Gibson of Fayetteville and Wallace Williams of Alderson, historians.  Addresses were made by Mr. Homer W. Bowers of Charleston and Mr. Wallace A. Ford of Layland, followed with a prayer by Mr. George Sydenstricker of Maplewood.  Music for the occasion was furnished by Gladwin Cales and his band.

7/30/1933 - Mr. And Mrs. A. W. Daubenspeck and Miss Hallie Gibson, accompanied by Mr. And Mrs. Roy Daubenspeck, and daughter Jewell Nadine, of Charleston, left Saturday for Chicago to attend the World’s fair.

10/19/1933 - Mrs. Clarence Alderson and Mrs. Walter Boude were at Layland Wednesday to attend funeral services of Wallace A. Fored, 78 years old, who died Monday night.  He is a brother of Mrs. Boude.

9/03/1933 - The third annual reunion of the Ford family will be held at Bivens Hill park Sunday.  The history of the Ford family dates back to the first permanent settlement in Greenbrier county at Frankfort.  The village received its name from Frank Ford.  Closely related with the Ford family are the McMillion, Nunnally and Hinkle families who will attend the gathering.  The reunion is organized with Walter Bowers, of Charleston, president and Mrs. J. Alderson, of Hinton, secretary.   Members of the families of Ben, Edgar and John Ford, of Lewisburg, will attend the reunion.

11/18/1934 - WHITE SULPHUR - Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Ford announce the marriage of their daughter, Audrey, to Mr. Francis Crizer, son of Mr. And Mrs. Ned Crizer, of White Sulphur Springs.  The marriage took place in Covington, October 28, 1933.   Mrs. Crizer was a member of the high school graduating class of 1934.  Mr. Crizer is connected with the Burr Motor company.  They will reside with Mr. and Mrs. Ford, for the present. (Yes, those are the dates.)

9/8/1935 - HAROLD ZICKAFOOSE MARRIES AT HINTON - The marriage of Miss Lucille Ford, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. W. I. Ford of Green Sulphur, to Mr. Harold Zickafoose, of Charleston, took place Monday afternoon at the parsonage of the Christian church at Hinton.  Rev. J. F. Atkins read the service.  Mr. And Mrs. Zickafoose will reside in Charleston.  Mr. Zickafoose is employed by the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation.

1/31/1936 - Hinton:  Two additional Democratic candidates have announced for the May primary.  They are Rufus H. Ford of Green Sulphur, for nomination as member of the county court, and L. E. Dickinson, of Junta, for sheriff.

8/31/1936 - Joint Family Reunion Will Be in Greenbrier - The joint Ford-Hinkle-Nunley-McMillion family reunion will be held at Bivens Hill, Greenbrier county, next Sunday.  H. W. Bowers of Charleston is president; Benjamin Ford, Lewisburg, vice president, and R. G. Nunley, East Rainelle, secretary-treasurer.  The reunion will attract residents of Greenbrier, Kanawha, Pocahontas, Monroe, Summers, Fayette and Nicholas counties and elsewhere.  A picnic dinner will be served on the grounds and the program will include speaking and music.

11/07/1938 - Rufus H. Ford, of Green Sulphur Springs, Democrat, has as his opponent, S. E. Sims of Talcott, former county assessor, for county commissioner.

11/09/1938 - County Swept by Democrats – All Candidates Leading in Summers Races………Rufus H. Ford, of Green Sulphur Springs, held a two to one lead over S. E. Sims of Talcott

10/8/1940 - SUMMER OFFICIAL DIES– Hinton - Rufus Howard Ford, 74, a member of the Summers county court, died yesterday following a heart attack.

8/27/1941 - The eleventh annual reunion of the Ford-Hinkle-Nunley-McMillion families will be held Sunday at Givens Hill park, Greenbrier county.  H. W. Bowers of Charleston is president.  Ben A. Ford of Lewisburg vice president, and R. G. Nunley of Rainelle secretary-treasurer.