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Extensive Award Winning Cajun/Zydeco site for Information, Schedules, Bands & Artists, Writings, World-wide Festivals & Events, Events' Promotions, The ZydE-Zine magazine, Photos, CZ Humor,
On-line Music, World-Wide Links

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Leading the Cajun Zydeco Music & Dance Community Into The 21st Century
from May 1993 - through November 2006

Please Note that this was a very large WEB site containing well over 600 WEB pages which took 3 Internet Service Providers to house the volume. In addition, it linked to Cajun and Zydeco resources all over the globe and, during a large stretch of time, listed thousands of events and festivals occurring all over the world.

  It also acted as the major source for connection to all world and regional sources that covered local Cajun and Zydeco music events. Links were provided to multi-hundreds of bands who played Cajun and Zydeco music throughout the world and featured photo stories for new artist CDs were included in the REAL CZ area; with over 680 entries.

It was also the home of the highly graphic ZydE-Zine, a twice a month award winning E-Zine (newsletter), that was distributed directly to ~4000 highly interested subscribers [at no charge] and, after a period, made available to all Internet readers.

  Hundreds of sample Cajun and Zydeco music snippets performed by a multitude of music groups could be heard via this site. A large area of writings concerning music, dance, culture, history, personalities, humor, and the area were available to the fans. This area also included text and diagramed dance techniques and instructions on various Cajun and Zydeco dance steps.

It presented valuable information for major world-wide Cajun/Zydeco festivals and events, such as Mardi Gras in Cajun Country, International festivals and a multitude of CONUS happenings as well as links to other sites that provided regional details.

  There were also large areas of photo displays highlighting events happening world-wide. One of the other popular areas was the event promotions that included detailed global CZ happenings allowing event givers and promoters to target readership encouraging distance travel to "destination events."

-- Gary Hayman

Gary Hayman of Cajun Zydeco Zydemagic




Letter to all:

Many thanks to all the over 1,439,000 who have visited the ZydE-Magic Cajun and Zydeco Music and Dance WEB site and the multi-thousands of subscribers to The ZydE-Zine, past and present.

I am closing
most of the ZydE-Magic website and halting the publication of The ZydE-Zine.

I've enjoyed the experience of producing the WEB site and e-magazine over the past 14 plus years and have treasured meeting the thousands of people, world-wide, who enjoy the Cajun and Zydeco style of music and the dancing.

What started out, way back in 1993, as just a local Cajun/Zydeco schedule listing for the Washington D.C. area when I was the Director of Arts and Entertainment for CapAccess (one of the first public free Internet access -- located at George Washington University in D.C. which later ('95) became part of the WETA Public Broadcasting (PBS/NPR) for Greater Washington) quickly mushroomed into a separate WEB site of my own with almost 600 individual WEB pages and a popular large FREE e-magazine [
The ZydE-Zine ] with international appeal. I have taken on these projects as a volunteer and public service effort throughout these many years.

During my extensive CZ travel in the United States, Canada, Europe, teaching Zydeco on both coasts and some major points in between, instructing in 5 foreign countries, and ten years teaching Zydeco dancing onboard the Zydeco Cruise in the Caribbean; attending events, festivals and clubs for Cajun and Zydeco music and dancing,

It has been a little over a year since I retired from publishing
The ZydE-Zine and I have received hundreds of e-mails telling me how much people have missed their twice monthly e-zine. They commented about the International Cajun/Zydeco news, schedules, articles, features and particularly enjoyed the multitude of photos, graphics and sounds that their twice monthly publication contained. They continue to ask if anything similar exists and unfortunately I have to tell them -- No. There are a group of local e-mail newsletters that are providing excellent service to various areas of the country and some great local CZ web sites -- but nothing of the nature of scope of The ZydE-Zine.

So -- I am encouraging someone else to keep the idea of an attractive, useful and widely distributed International CZ magazine style publication alive and kicking. If you need it, I can supply you with assisting ideas and some hints based upon my 13 years experience so you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

In the meantime, I am attempting to get back issues of
The ZydE-Zine posted on the Internet. It is an horrendous project as URL pointers have changed and my available web space in greatly diminished as I have left two Internet Service Providers who housed most of the former web site and The ZydE-Zine. I will start with the year 2006 and work backwards. Look for it on this web site in the near future.

-- Gary Hayman
Dec 12, 2007

I have made many important friendships that I will cherish -- and have experienced countless enjoyable dances.

I am moving on now to some other interesting objectives. I will also be spending more time with volunteer public service with other local, national and international endeavors and will be involved in another national WEB site project of high interest -- but of a different theme.

I have ended my long association several of my Internet providers "" in the middle of December 2006 and another, "" in February 2007 and request that you change my e-mail address in your records or address books from:

in case you may want to maintain contact.

I also have a few secondary active e-mail accounts at which you can reach me:

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Quick Look At Two Of The Above

15 Second Zydeco Sampler

Sesame Street Zydeco

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Instructions for Beginners and Novices

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Each week I'll send you a Zydeco song from a Mystery Artist.
The next week it is revealed.
Can you guess who it is?
Or if not, just listen to some good Zydeco music,
some of which you've never heard before.
[Project going strong since November 2008]

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The NEW ZydE-Magic WEB site at:




The ZydE-Zine - Leading continuous Cajun Zydeco Music & Dance pubread the zyde-zine cajun zydecolication for 13 years. Back issues of The ZydE-Zine 1996-2006 are still available for your review. This area often used by writers doing CZ research and individuals gaining knowledge about the genre. (some graphics may now be missing)
[Some may first have to press and hold CTRL while clicking link]


The Last ZydE-Zine was published on: September 8, 2006 

The direct Zyde-Zine link will no longer work, however some cache pages, articles and Table of Contents from 1996 to 2006 []
are still on the Internet and can be found with a Google or Bing search. Last update before termination of my original ISP was October 26, 2006

If searching -- try using keywords "zydeco erols ghayman" in your search box.


Recent REAL CZ Photo/Stories Displays Include:

															 zydeco photo storiesREAL CZ Photo/Stories - Highly popular Photo/Story area that is constantly expanding. Over 680 photo/story displays. Meet personalities, festivals, bands, artists, and CD announcements. See what's happening.

Older REAL CZ displays

HOW TO SUBMIT Photos and Stories for REAL CZ

These links will not work correctly at the moment. I will attempt to move the REAL CZ files to another location. Last update before termination of my original ISP was October 26, 2006

[Links furnished by Gary Hayman]
  Zydeco Events - Schedule of events in the greater Houston TX/Golden Triangle area. (Joe Norman) special cajun zydeco schedules
  The Patsy Report - What's happening in SW Louisiana NOW!
(Patsy Hebert)
  San Francisco Bay Calendars - Detailed calendars for the Greater San Francisco Bay area. (Ellen Papper)
  Cajun/Zydeco Dancing in Los Angeles - Zydeco Brad - Informative schedule and information for the Los Angeles area. (Brad Sjoblom)
  Los Angeles & Orange County California CZ Schedule - The Gator Gazette; schedule of what's happening. (Karen Redding)
  San Diego Bonne Temps Social Club Schedule At A Glance - News and Activities in San Diego County, California (Jim Hance)
  Cajun Zydeco World Schedule - A unique site where promoters from all major Cajun and Zydeco music, dance and cultural events are invited to post happenings. Site even employs 'robot scanning' of various schedules. Employs state of the art software and techniques. Very detailed and informative and is an excellent source. Can be updated in moments. Developed and administered by (Arn Burkhoff)
[Webmasters who desire to have their Cajun/Zydeco schedules linked here are invited to contact Gary Hayman]

camera for cajun zydeco photo storiesPhoto Displays - a variety of various photo displays on the Internet that have a Cajun Zydeco interest and of personal travel.

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It was nice providing for your Cajun and Zydeco Music and Dance interest.

And, as I always say --

"Take care and keep on dancing!"

Thanks for coming -- see ya on the dance floor -- somewhere.

Gary Hayman

(November 23, 2006)
(Latest Rev: May 26, 2010)

The ZydE-Zine and ZydE-Magic WEB site were FREE
No charges of any kind; No donations asked or accepted;
No commercial ads; No pop-up ads; No button ads;
No banner ads; No side ads; No frame ads; No pass-through revenue clicks;
No paid endorsements; No sponsored links; Protected e-mail subscriber list.

This entire project including the ZydE-Magic WEB site and The ZydE-Zine, their conception,
development, execution, and maintenance has been a philanthropic public service endeavor
on the part of Gary Hayman in support of the Cajun/Zydeco Music and Dance community
-- world wide -- and has been continuous for the past 15 years.

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