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Phil & Kat Demo 2010

[A good example of Zydeco dancing. 2 min.]

Cheryl & Jaime 2013

[At the Long Beach CA Crawfish Festival
Two great dancers]

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Zydeco w/Harold

[One of the best Demo Dancers.] 

 Willie and Partner
Zydeco Dancing at it's Best

[for some you may have toclick on video
then click on "Watch on YouTube"]

 Sean & Joanie
and (PG) Sexy Zydeco

[Dancers show you what all the fun is about.]

Zydeco Dance Moves #3 @ Waterfront Blues Festival 2012

[See some volunteer Zydeco demo dancers.]

More Festival Dancers 2012

[Watch the ladies and the couples. 1.5 min]

Phil & Kat Demo 2010 (Part 2)

[A good example of Zydeco dancing. 2.5 min.]

 Young Zydeco Dancers With Smooth Techniques

[You can see the constant evolving of Zydeco dance steps]

Louisiana Live Zydeco Dancing

[Harold and many others on his TV show.]


Another Louisiana Live Zydeco Dancing

[Kind of sexy.]

 Zydeco Dancing At Simi Valley CA

[Focuses on one Creole couple. See how you can even stand still and be dancing.]

 Dancing to Zydeco at Eagles Hall, Alameda CA

[Observe this couple's erect carriage and
minimalistic movements.]

Opelousas LA Zydeco Dancing

[Catch that white sneakered tippy-toe
leg action in the beginning. Ooh-rah!]

Bayou Dancer (David & Deb)
- the Smoothies -

[A great groups of clearly presented steps that
you can follow and make your own]

Spivey & Crazylegz Zydeco

[Fun dancing from young adults. Shows you how
the dance is evolving in some areas.]

Zydeco Dancing
At Beaux Bridge (LA)

[Creole Couple doing a great routine.
Can you dance like this yet?]

Harold & Mandy

[Harold again, this time with a new partner. Video is poor but dancing is fantastic. All you can do is aspire.]

 Erin & AJ

[Practicing some new steps at a festival tent,
some, I'm sure, are being made up on the fly --
Yes, you can do that with this dance.]

 Parking Lot Zydeco

[No festival, dance hall, Zydeco club or party available? No matter, just use any old parking lot and
play your music from your car. Here we are at
the parking lot of Lowes in Simi Valley CA]

Sean & Cat

[Nice and easy Zydeco dance at an Oregon dance camp. Remember to have your bandanas handy
for your perspiration.]

Living Room Demo

[Roll up the rugs. It's time to do Zydeco at home.
Practice and get as good as this couple
-- and have fun at the same time.]

 At A Zydeco Dance

[A typical California 'Hall' Zydeco dance.]

 One Step & Wannabe

[If you don't have a bandana, a towel works great. Not only watch this couple but replay and watch couples in the background to notice the different styles.]

 Modern Dancers

[Solo Zydeco Festival with Adrian Houser and Denise Gobert showing how it's done]

 Lafayette (LA) Zydeco

[Zydeco dancing tourists showing Lafayette that they can dance by dancing outside of the
Lafayette Convention and Visitors Bureau.]

 Wild Man Zydeco Dance

[Get out of the way as Joe "Wild Man" Potier takes to the floor with his special style of Zydeco dancing.
He is wearing one of those new 'wet' shirts.]

 Easy/Smooth Zydeco Dancing - Roland & Janine

[Old school smooth Zydeco is well appreciated at an Oregon Dance Camp.]

Some Instructional YouTube Videos

Zydeco Introduction - Many Moves w/Greg

Basic Zydeco Step w/Greg

Quick Review Basic Zydeco Step w/Greg

Zydeco Steps Alternating Opens w/Greg

Quick Real Basic Zydeco w/Karen

Zydeco 1 Review w/Lilli Ann

Zydeco Ballers Dance Program

Don't forget to
try some of the sidebar videos listed which also may interest to you.

Also there are
hundreds of other YouTube videos showing Zydeco Bands and Zydeco Dancing. Just search using the keywords 'zydeco', 'zydeco dancing', 'zydeco music' and you will be able to view a number of them.





[She's doing a Basic Zydeco Step]

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