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 About CamasWX.


This site is generated by Cumulus and Virtual Weather Station and fine tuned using Notepad++.
Virtual VP is used with the N8VBvCom Driver to run both Cumulus and Virtual Weather Station simultaneously.


The data for this site is generated by a wired Davis Vantage Pro ( ) weather station.
Since the Vantage Pro is a serial port model a Tripp-Lite USB to Serial adapter is used.
The computer used to collect the data and generate this site is a ASUS Eee Box.
A old ViewSonic VX922 is the monitor and a Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 take the Keyboad/Mouse duties, a USB LG Slim External Super-Multi DVD is added when needed.
(Update) An APC Back-UPS ES 350 has been added to the system.


September 11 2009
At the time of this writing I've had the EeeBox for about a month and am pleased with it's performance. These units are said to use only about 20 watts of power, much less than the last computer I used as a weather system. Also this is so quiet I have to put my ear up close to it to hear it running. Since it runs 24/7 these are good reasons to use this system.
Using the Intel Atom processor this system is no speed demon loading applications but is acceptable for this use. This system isn't used for everyday duties it just sits there quietly and churns out weather data. With Cumulus and VWS running and the normal Windows overhead (w/anti virus which it probably doesn't really need) it averages between 14% and 21% CPU Utilization.
So far this setup has been very reliable.
The Eee Box at
(Update July 4 2010)
Reliability issues after nearly a year of running: The only issue has been ramdom BSOD's caused by the ser2pl.sys file associated with the serial to USB adapter. I have downgraded to a older version and seems to happen less frequently.
If the data on this site is stale this is probably due to a crash from this driver. :(
Still two thumbs up for the EeeBox! Can't really blame "The Box" for a peripheral driver issue.
(Update January 14 2012)
Upgraded the EeeBox memory to 2 Gigabytes. It has noticeably increased useability of the system.
(Update February 27 2012)
The reed switch in the Vantage Pro tipping bucket has failed. Awaiting delivery of new switch from Davis.

Never base important decisions on this weather information!
Visit the National Weather Service.

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