California AB2254, the Ammiano bill re-filed in 2010.

Rhode Island, Taxation and Regulation of Marijuana Act, H7838 (2010)

State of Washington, 2010, I-1068, An Initiative to the People of the State of Washington, sponsored by Sensible Washington

Nevada, An Initiative to Establish a Regulated Market for Marijuana, proposed for 2012 ballot

State of New Hampshire, for the 2010 legislative session, an Act allowing purchase and use of marijuana by adults, regulating the purchase and use of marijuana, and imposing taxes on the wholesale and retail sale of marijjuana

State of Washington, Legalizing, HB 2401 (for 2010 session). Monitor progress here.

2010 California  Initiatives:

        Common Sense Act of 2010

The Tax, Regulate, and Control Cannabis Act of 2010, (The Rogoway Initiative, also called the California Cannabis Initiative))

        The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 (The Lee Initiative)

        California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative (The Jack Herer Initiative)

(A blogger's comparison of the California initiatives is  here.)

The 2010 Maine iniitative:

        An Act to Repeal the Prohibition on Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana

The 2010 Oregon initiatives:

        Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

        The Oregon Cannabis Tolerance Act

The Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act, Assembly Bill 390, California, 2009. (Ammiano Bill). Report on preliminary hearings here.

This is not a legalization proposal, but a Resolution adopted by the Rhode Island Senate appointing a commission to evaluate marijuana prohibition.  2009-S 1032, Senate Resolution Creating a Special Senate Committee to Study the Prohibition of Marijuana, adopted  July 2009.  News.  Final Report.

An Act to Regulate and Tax the Cannabis Industry, House Bill 2929, Massachusetts, 2009  
Note: This version on the state's website truncates the bill after Section 31 for software reasons. The balance of the statute is as contained in the Senate version, below.

(Also filed as Senate Bill 1801)
   Another.  (Summary)

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act, Initiative Petition No 136, for the election of November 4, 2008.

The Inalienable Rights Enforcement Initiative, California, 2008

California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative (The Herer Initiative), 2008

Initiative Petition No. 3, State of Nevada, March 2, 2005

California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative (The Herer Initiative)
, 2008

Regulation of Marijuana Initiative, Nevada 2006

Oakland Cannabis Regulation and Revenue Ordinance, Initiative ballot measure,  Oakland, California, 2004

Initiative Petition No. 9, State of Nevada, 2002

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act of 1997, Oregon, 1997

Colorado Hemp Initiative,  1994

The Cannabis Control Act,
Texas, 1993

Initiative Measure 595, Regulated Tolerance & Taxation of Marijuana, State of Washington, 1993

An Act to establish a controlled substance law ... in relation to the sale, distribution and cultivation of marijuana...,  
Senate Bill 4094-A, New York, 1991

The Marihuana Cultivation Control Act,  Senate Bill No. 464, Pennsylvania, 1983

The Pennsylvania Marijuana Cultivation Control Act of 1983,  Pennsylvania, 1983

The Oregon Marijuana Control Act of 1983, Senate Bill 497, Oregon, 1983

The Cannabis Revenue Act.  (Federal), 1982

The Cannabis Revenue and Education Act, Massachusetts, 1981. Original here.

An act relating to a reduction of ad valorem tax millage; providing for a county option on the cultivation, possession, and sale of cannabis; authorizing such cultivation, possession, and sale in approving counties; providing certain conditions relating to the sale and taxation of cannabis; providing for the distribution of proceeds of such taxation and requiring a reduction of ad valorem tax millage; authorizing the board of county commissioners in approving counties to adopt certain ordinances; providing an effective date,  Florida 1979

An Act to amend the executive law, the penal law and the public health law, in relation to creating the state marjuana control authority and prescribing its powers and duties, and repealing certain provisions relating thereto, Assembly 4944, State of New York, 1971