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Well, another year has gone by.  I’m closing in on the end of my third year of retirement.  I can honestly say that I would have never dreamed that my senior years would have found me doing “artsy” stuff!  I love it!  I spent my entire career as an analyst and techie type person.  Who knew I had some “hidden” abilities and such passion for creating things. 


The 2012 Gallery highlighted my journey through the last year.  I expanded my projects to include more gourds and, at the end of the year, I got into some wood burning.  I’m looking forward to seeing what 2013 will bring and how my newfound interests may develop.


Come back and visit again.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, please contact me at the number or email at the bottom of the page.


Stained Glass Burned Center





This basket was coiled around a pretty woodburned and painted center that was burned by a fellow artist.  I purchased several of these centers to coil small baskets around and I particularly liked this one.  It is only about 4 inches in diameter and an inch deep. 






Clay & Teneriffe Center



This basket was coiled around a polymer clay center created with an opening in which a teneriffe design was placed.  The teneriffe was formed with waxed threads.  Two windows were offset in the coils to allow a wandering free form coil to intertwine through them.  This basket measures approximately 9 ½ by 8 by 2 inches deep. 








Wood Burning with Dog



Not for sale


This was one of my first attempts at wood burning with the new system I got in November.  This image is of my step son’s dog, Sammie.  The wooden oval is approximately 5 inches by 7 inches and the pine needle coils add to those dimensions.  The photo that I used to create this burning can be viewed here.






Second Wood Burning with Dog



Not for sale


I’m not sure why I chose dogs for my first two attempts at pyrography.  The Sammie burning above was hard enough for a novice, but Annie proved to be even more difficult for a newbie.  Annie is my brother’s dog.  She is a Briard mix that they keep trimmed except for much of her face.  This image is burned on a rectangular piece of wood about 5 x 7 inches.  You can view the photo from which this burning was made here.







Yet Another Wood Burning of My Dog



Not for sale


I just got on a roll doing burnings of all of my family’s pets!  The last one I did was of my own dog, Cori who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  The photo from which this burning was done was of Cori in her younger years.  She was a sweetheart of a dog.  I coiled around the burning and added wooden beads as an embellishment.  This piece is approximately 10 inches in diameter. 





Tall Ship



Not for sale


I finally got off the animal burnings and decided to try my hand at something else.  I needed a birthday gift for a friend who likes nautical things.  This tall ship was patterned from a book by Debbie Pompano.  I used her basic artwork and added some of my own border design as well as a different verse.  I was pleased with my results on this one.  I think it was well received!





Zentangle Inspired Wood Burning





My next endeavor incorporated a new creative technique I learned called “Zentangle Inspired” art.  I was guided to the Zentangle website created by Rick and Maria by a fellow woodburner.  Further research into this art form, led me to this website that hosts a large gallery of Tangle Patterns.   From that point, it was just go for it!  I started drawing these patterns and began to incorporate them into my burnings.  Here is one of the first woods burnings I did using the tangle patterns.  This piece measures about 10 inches across.





“Tiger - Unfinished”



OK…so I’m just into burning animals.  And I really love cats…big ones and little ones.  So this tiger is burned on a piece of birch balsa about 12 inches square.  I intend to cut it into an oval shape and add coiling around the edges.  But who knows how long that will take me, so I thought I’d go ahead and post the burning.  I’ll update it later when I’ve completed the coiling!





Zentangle Burned Mini Gourds

2013-10, 11, 12, 13


After drawing a number of these tangle patterns, I decided to try it on some mini gourds that grew in my garden last year.  I had wondered what to do with these small gourds since they were too small to coil on.  Voila!  Let’s try burning some tangle patterns on them.  One of the gourds had a crack in it so I simply cut the hole out and incorporated it into the pattern.  How clever!  These small gourds are only about 4-6 inches tall.  





Zentangle Burned & a Painted Gourd”

2013-14, 15


These two gourds incorporate two techniques – zentangle inspired designs and burning/painting in a stained glass pattern.  The gourd on the left came from my garden last year.  The gourd I painted came from a vendor at the Ashland Strawberry Faire.   







I had joined the James River Woodcarvers Association at the first of the year primarily to pursue my woodburning.  In May, they held their annual JRWC Competition so I decided to enter my burnings.  Would you believe……they ALL won ribbons of some sort.  Of course, I was in the Novice category and there wasn’t much other competition, but I learned that even with absolutely NO competition, they didn’t have to award a ribbon unless they felt you earned it.  You might also note, that I also entered a small carved stylistic duck that also got a ribbon!  How fun.





Bailey Bread Basket



Not Available


My stepson got married this year and a bread basket was on their registry list.  A personalized coiled basket seemed appropriate.





“Hypnotic Ebony”



I’d spent almost half the year with my new burning hobby and it was time to get back to my coiling endeavors!  I had started on this creation intending it to be a very large bowl.  Well, it is actually a bit larger than most at about 12 inches in diameter and 2 ½ inches deep.  But as it grew, I decided 12 inches was enough.  This one took quite a bit of time due to the wrapped coils and the more intricate stitching.  The middle section was coiled with needles that were dried out while they were green which gives it that lighter shading.  Over time, these needles will darken and the coils will be about the same color.  The center is an abalone shell with some very hypnotic swirls.  I used grey and black waxed threads for the stitching.





“Mini Copper Bottom”





One of the ladies in my coiling group passed along this new idea…..creating centers from hammered copper.  I started with this tiny piece of copper….hammered it, torched it, cleaned it and then coiled this cute little mini basket around the center.  This little gem is only 4 inches in diameter and it is coiled with lavender threads.





“Hammered Copper Bottom #1”





After experimenting with the small basket above, I tried one with a slightly larger center.  After hammering and hammering I got a nice center that curved slightly upward.  I used dyed pine needles for the coils that were actually dyed purple but came out looking more burgundy.  At any rate, the salmon and ecru threads were a nice accent.  This bowl shaped basket is 8 inches in diameter and about 2 inches deep with a slightly flared lip at the top.  Here is a view from the side.





“Hammered Copper Bottom #2 with Top Handles”



The center of this work is also hammered copper in its natural state.  I’ve been wanting to do a piece of this shape with handles over the top for some time.  The copper was the perfect base to form this work.  This piece is approximately 11 X 8 inches and 7 inches high.  It was stitched with olive and gold/brown waxed linen threads.





“Hammered Copper Bottom #3 with Twisted Top”





The center of this work is also hammered copper but I added some ink dyes to bring out the variations in the metal.  This piece is approximately 8 inches wide and 2 inches deep.  It was stitched with two colors of waxed linen threads – burgundy and rust.  It has a slightly asymmetrical shape. 





Zentangle Burned Apple Gourd #1”



This cute apple gourd was burned with tangled designs in a random design.  This gourd is about 5 inches at the widest diameter and about 5 inches tall not counting the stem.  I’ve burned a number of gourds of this size with similar designs.  Here is a YouTube video of this one showing all sides.





Zentangle Burned Apple Gourd #2”



This cute apple gourd was burned with tangled designs in a scalloped pattern.  This gourd is about 5 inches at the widest diameter and about 5 inches tall not counting the stem.  I’ve burned a number of gourds of this size with similar designs.  Here is a YouTube video of a similar one showing all sides.





“Large Hammered Bottom Copper Bowl - #4”



The center of this bowl shaped work a large piece of hammered copper that has been stained with ink dyes.  The pine needles have been dyed a deep maroon color.  Two shades of waxed linen were used for stitching and wrapping coils.  This work is approximately 13 inches wide with a depth of about 3 inches.





“Five Little Nuts”



This basket was started around sliced walnut and more slices were added as the basket spiraled outward.  This work is about 8 ½ inches wide.





“Mini Basket with Handle”



This tiny basket is 3 ½ inch wide and 1/3/4 inches to the top of the coiled basket.  To the top of the handle measures about 3 ½ inches.       





Copper Bottom #5


(Completed in 2014)


This small basket was started around a rectangular piece of copper that curved upward as it was hammered.  The resulting basket has a pretty swirl to it.  This little basket measures 6 inches by 4.5 inches and approximately 1.5 to 2 inches at the tallest edge.    I used dark brown and pumpkin colored waxed threads to stitch and wrap respectively.  It would make a cute ring catcher for your dresser.





Copper Bottom #6


(Completed in 2014)


This little basket was started around a slightly triangular piece of hammered copper.  As an accent, I wrapped two rows of the coils with copper wire forming a pattern between the dark brown waxed linen stitches.  Two other coils were wrapped with pumpkin colored waxed thread.  This basket measures 6 inches by 7 inches and approximately 2 inches deep.   





Zentangle Burned Apple Gourd #3



Here is a video of this gourd. 






























































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Carol Busto