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Margaret NeJane's Peace Study #1

Carol e Campbell








200 artists/200 concepts


To fund her grassroots campaign for Denver City Council At-Large,
Carol and friends recruited 200 artists to transform a simple white
porcelain soup bowl from functional to work-of-art for a silent auction
March 12th to benefit the campaign. The artists were not given rules nor limitations- only a credo to take as much creative liberty as desired!
And they DID!

The evening was a wonderful success and a number of amazing bowls sold. Some incredible bowls are still available for sale. Help Carol pay off her campaign debts (& fund her next campaign!) by purchasing one of the remaining Soup Bowls as Art. (We are experiencing problems with the album software used to create the Soup Bowl as Art pages---contact Carol to be on a Notification List when the Bowl pages finally get updated.)

If you do see a bowl you'd like to purchase, send an email to Carol to reserve the bowl you desire and include your phone number so Carol can contact you. Payment options include Visa, MasterCard or check.


Many thanks to Tom & Lynn Feldkamp, Carrie MaKenna, Julie Krantz, Kathy Davie, Bob Zaragoza, Rick Taylor, Susie Kozoh, Carol Warner, Peggy Wimmer, Ilise Meyers, Martha Poland, Sue Berg, Paula Russell, Melody Lopez Miller, and Tracy Cochran for all their help with the March 12th event.

Thanks to the staff at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion for their support.

Many thanks to Justin Adams, Julia Misawa and the Boulder Taiko "HIBIKI", and Tried & True Bluegrass for their memorable music.

To all of you who came to Carol's first fundraiser and purchased a Soup Bowl as Art (or six), thank you so very much for your support.

Special thanks to all the artists who contributed their talent (and soup bowls) without whom this evening would not have been possible.

updated as of <March 31, 2008

Aguillard, Leslie A.
Ahlborg, Liam
Alden Nicky
Ambrose, Larry
Anderson, Erin
Anderson, Olivia
Arendt, Tamara
Arnold, Charles
Azari, Ariana

Birchak, Mickey
Bland, Dorothy
Boyd, Dawn A.
Bragg, Becky
Burgert, Bill
Burns, Valerie

Campbell, Camden
Campbell, Carol e
Campbell, Chloe
Campbell, Don
Clarkson, Tessa
Clyde, Jan
Connor, Marge
Crumley, April

Davie, Kathy
Davis, Hillary Cole
DeLuca, Rick
Dews, Tanisha
Doyle, Sue
Duarte, Anna
Duran, Nina
Duran, Pablo

East, Mary
Edwards, Stephen
Espinoza, Mardelle

Fedenia, Sue
Feldman, Talya
Fischer, Tamara
Fish, Terri
Fuchs, Barb
Fugimura, Chelsea

Galla, Loretta
Gardiner, Kelly
Gordon, Susann
Graham, Nancy
Gunderson, Elena

Hale, Sharon
Hanscom, Ann
Hayes, Lorelei
Heller, Samantha
Honiotes, Mary Jo
Hufford, Lee Ann

Isaac, Jennifer

Jaine, Vishwah
Jameson, DiAnne
Jameson, Sam
Janecek, Shawn

Keating, Barbara
Klem, Sheri
Korn, Craig
Koski, Zach
Krantz, Julie

Larance, Garret
Leek, Paula
Lobato, Mary Lou
Luna, Lucas
Lundquist, Julie
Lyon, Jack

Maier, Whitney
MaKenna, Carrie

Markley, Candy
Marschel, Marcella
McClean, Michelle
Meranto, Zia
Mesch, Cian
Mier, Carol
Miller, Melody Lopez
Moody, Rachelle
Morgan, June
Mullen, Cooper

NeJame, Margaret

Onofrio, Vivian

Pacheo, Tim
Pak, JP
Pape, Jocara
Paramo, Tony

Parson, Chuck
Peck, Sheila
Pedicord, Britt
Poland, Claire
Poland, Martha
Poulson, Karl

Rackliff, Melissa
Robbins, Sherrie
Rogers, Rhonda
Rojas, Pamela
Rojas-Rennke, Ninoska
Ross, Jamie
Rottman, Vicki
Rowley, Nancy
Russell, Natalie

Sarkisian, Medill
Schmuki, Tricia
Schuster, Karen
Schwenger, Karen
Sedgley, Sandy
Shanahan, Patsy
Sheets, Lorri
Smedra, Danielle
Snow-Renner, Ravay
Stack, Cece
Stewart, Patsy
Sullivan, Erin

Teets, Janice C.
Terry, Griffin
Thompson, Holli

Walberg, Floy
Walbert, Renee
Wallis, Dorothy
Watson, Anita
Werner, Jenny
White, Cody Rasmussen
Wimmer, Peggy
Wright, Max

Zarou, Kate
Zatlev, Nicholas


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