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First of all, thank you to the 27,232 voters who supported my grassroots campaign for Denver City Council At-Large.

I knew going into this campaign that 95% of incumbents are re-elected and that an upset would be a long shot. I am grateful for all the incredible support and networking done on my behalf by voters across the city. Your efforts brought us very close to the long-shot upset we were all working towards. My thanks to everyone who was a part of that networking effort. Special thanks to Rick Taylor and Kathy Davie.

Although we ultimately were unsuccessful, our numbers made this challenger proud to be a part of the democratic process and grassroots campaigning. What a great process we have! What a great effort we engaged in! I encourage more concerned citizens to throw their hat into the ring and make a difference in our community.

Do not let a lack of money be an obstacle. I made a decision early on, to not actively seek endorsements nor financial support from any special interest groups. It was very important to me that I remain an independent voice for change and common sense throughout the election process. I did not want to become beholden to anyone except to the voters... and I'm very proud to have accomplished so much with so little.

An initial analysis of the election results as reported on May 2nd showed:

  • My campaign received 26,941 votes and spent $12,199.99 or $0.45 per vote
  • Carol Boigon received 31,744 votes and spent $85,333.99 or $2.69 per vote
  • Doug Linkhart received 41,356 votes and spent $120,345.25 or $2.91 per vote
  • John Hickenlooper received 67,943 votes and spent $242,982.51 or $3.58 per vote

The final vote counts are:


Total Votes
% Votes
Carol Boigon
Doug Linkhart
Carol E. Campbell

A few thoughts:

  1. Precinct walking was insightful. The best part: seeing, up close and personal, all the incredible gardens that people have created and being wowed by some fantastic paint jobs. The worst part: a lingering angst about what was going on with the people living in blighted properties with broken out windows, neglected yards and piles of junk everywhere and a concern about how best to tackle this citywide issue beyond insisting on proactive code enforcement.

  2. The media failed in it's duty to provide the voters with the kind of factual information that they needed to make an informed decision.

    How is it that two incumbents could have 28% and 30% attendance rates and receive the papers' endorsements? In the real word, that type of job performance would get you fired.

    How is it that a candidate could have multiple arrest records and have two documented encounters with law enforcement in 2006 that suggests he did not fulfill the residency requirement or was lying to police about where he lived and that not make the papers?

    How can there be so little discussion in the papers about the cost per vote—like the candidates in Council District 7, for example, who spent $23-$29 per vote—with donations from special interest groups and what the implications that kind of per-vote-spending indicates.

  3. Being a candidate for Denver City Council At-Large has been a great experience for me. I regret that I wasn't able to pull off the upset—especially when confronted with the type of dysfunction and ineffectiveness that modest neighborhoods all across the city experience so frequently—like the fact that the graffiti-covered garage at 2100 W. Custer, which I reported at the beginning of February is still not abated as of May 14, 2007. The city explanation for the lack of abatement is exactly the type of inefficiency I'd have liked to have tackled on Council. I'd have loved to take the type of dynamic community-building projects that I've organized in my neighborhood citywide to positively impact the larger community and create the kind of positive change so many neighborhoods so desperately need. I'm ready to go citywide with my energy, dedication, know-how and vision. Perhaps another time.

I send my most sincere thanks to you all, for the support and the votes. I am grateful. Drop me a line so we can keep in touch.


The following is an article written May 5, 2007 by Rick Taylor, my campaign treasurer, with thoughts on the campaign from his perspective.

" Grass roots campaigning can work!

Check out these stats on campaign finances:

  • Carol Campbell received 26,941 votes and spent $12,199.99 or $0.45 per vote.
  • Carol Boigon received 31,744 votes and spent $85,333.99 or $2.69 per vote.
  • Doug Linkhart received 41,356 votes and spent $120,345.25 or $2.91 per vote.
  • Mayor Hickenlooper received 67,943 votes and spent $242,982.51 or $3.58 per vote.

Carol Campbell did not receive, nor did she ask for, any special interest money. The bulk of the money raised came from a soup bowl fundraiser. One hundred and sixty seven soup bowls were changed into art pieces by local artists and auctioned off at the Grant-Humphries Mansion on March 12. The proceeds purchased printed materials that a great group of volunteers delivered around the city in late March and April. The people who donated cash did so because they wanted to have Carol represent them, not because they wanted to push their special agenda.

Coming up short in a close race is like losing a basketball game by a couple of points. “If only that three-point shot had gone in or if only we had made a few more free throws.” It’s the same thing with this campaign; what could we have done to raise the vote count a few more percentage points?

What went well:
An amazing group of volunteers delivered literature in 18% of Denver’s precincts. Some went beyond the call of duty to deliver in April’s cold and wet weather. Recruiting volunteers is more important than raising money. A legion of dedicated volunteers is worth more than all the money special interests can raise.

Carol did a great job at candidate forums staying on message, emphasizing public safety. She never told one group one thing and the opposite thing to another group.

There were no personal attacks directed at any candidate in the race.

What went not-so-well:
The campaign began in mid-January. Had there been an earlier start, double or triple the number of volunteers could have been recruited. If we had delivered literature to 36% - 54% of Denver’s precincts, the outcome would have been different.

The late start also led to organizational problems. Carol often found herself doing too much of the campaign administration on her own instead of making voter contacts.

The all mail-in ballot created a new dynamic for campaigning. It was difficult to determine what should be done in the final days of the campaign. Carol seemed to have a higher percentage of the early votes than those who waited to the last minute. We could not figure out how to make the new dynamic work in Carol’s favor.

It was like campaigning in a vacuum. We don’t want to blame the media for the defeat as we had problems of our own, but it seems incredible that the media, in particular the Denver dailies, failed to cover any campaign in this election. There were interesting races in Council Districts 3, 7 and 8 that were ignored by the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News and we should expect better! Internet bloggers provided more coverage than those we have traditionally relied on for information.

Carol Campbell’s campaign proved that grass roots campaigning CAN work! Let’s see if grass roots campaigning WILL work in the future!"












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